Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Beautiful Middle of the Week Weds.

I am so very glad that Spring is turning into Summer and there is so much Beauty everywhere! It just awes me just about everywhere I look there is life springing into action. I think Mother Nature is as excited about it as I am and she is just beaming every direction I look.

We had to go to the mill today for critter food and for us a bag of cornmeal and a bag of biscuit mix. When DH saw that bag of biscuit mix he was almost drooling. He just loves biscuits that much.

Then we stopped at the fruit stand and he got bananas and I got a  pint of strawberries for my breakfast in the morning . I did pick up 4 little bush cucumber plants - I hope to put them on the front porch and see how they do. I love cucumbers, but do not have much luck with them because some illness likes to kill them and all the squash too. I got lucky last year because I wrote a friend in Texas and told her my problem and asked for any tips. She said if you could look under the leaves and if you saw little ULGY boogers hiding in there that are really eating the life out of the plants : To take mineral oil and put in a squirt bottle and squirt those guys -it kills them right then with no harmful chemicals. I tried it and it worked ! Aren't friends just the greatest! They give you good honest advice that actually Works and don't charge you a penny!  Now, THAT is a bargin. :)

I did get to finish this shirt for ME! Of course I love my critters The knit is a double knit - so it really is a little too heavy for these hot days -unless you are near a air conditioner. But I really do love this one. This more of that fabric that I picked up at Fabric. com for 1.97 a yard and no shipping if you purchase 35.00 worth.

I am still so happy to be able to learn more about the double knit family. I have learned that it makes a heavier weight shirt -too hot for 80 and 90 degrees and that it would be nice for some slacks. Hum???????
Now that it is all gone - at least I did learn something helpful. :)

This is a close up of the design and I am very happy with it. :)I guess I better go hop in bed and hope to be able to sew tomorrow.
Night to one and all - Have a great day tomorrow.!

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  1. I hope you had a good sleep. Your kitty looks lovely.Did you make DH lots of bickies!!!