Saturday, May 29, 2010

An Angel in my mailbox !

I will never know how Miss Char from Tobycat Creations knew that I loved angels - but some little birdy must have told her and this little angel traveled all the way from IN. to VA. and arrived safely in my mailbox to shock me to death.!:) I surely had done nothing to deserve a gift like this! All hand crafted  - what an honor. When I was a little girl I used to beg  Mama to make me something that I could say was made for me by my Mama and she was always too busy - even though I knew she could do embroidery and that was all I wanted. I guess that is why handcrafted gifts mean So much to me!
Not to forget the little precious pouch - isn't it sweet with those little scallops on the front? It certainly is inspirational.
Here is a close up of the design and she hand stitched it. She also said that it was colored in with colored pencils- I have never heard of this technique - but I really do love its affect. It makes the colors so nice and soft causing a nice matte finish which is set off by the shiny threads. Also she did the work on muslin and for some reason I really do love muslin. When I go to the stores I usually go by the muslin and run my hands across it and enjoy the thrill. :)
I wish everybody could be as happy tonight -as I am now! 
Love to one and all and thank you again so much Char! :)
Now I gotta go make my DH some biscuits- and we will have tomato biscuits for supper.


  1. Lucky you. It's so great to get surprises in the mail. Char has done such a great job too.

  2. What a great gift. You deserve it. Tomato biscuits? Please share. Sounds great.

  3. What a lovely gift to find in the mail.So kind of Char to stitch it for you

  4. How Wonderful to receive this gift!!! I am now inspired to do something wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing your gift!