Friday, May 14, 2010

Maria's Surprise this Friday

This was a perfect Friday for me. It started out with a surprise from a friend so very far away from me in distance -but now is close in my heart. I know I have not been myself this past week , and I have been trying really hard to "get my mojoe working " once again. But sometimes what ever it is that makes us work seems to go off track and it can be very challenging to get back on the right track of life -once again.

The key that opened the door for me was that a friend cared enough to send love and as far as I believe - that is something that we all need -and deserve. I know that this is such a busy world that we live in - everybody seems to be pushed to their limit -but when someone takes the time out from their life to touch us- to me it is the  magic that makes the world go round. That was exactly what happened when Maria from Life on the Block took the time to make this beautiful pillow sham in memory of the two furbabies I recently lost. I could hardly believe it .

Take a look - isn't that the absolute sweetest thing ! I wish you could see the beautiful stitches she used. IF only I could control my stitches like that! I have had a talk with my sewing machine and told it to notice how lovely it is and that is how a sewing machine is suppose to work. LOL Now, if only it will listen.

When I turned it over I was astonished with the part on the back- how truly lovely! It has been many years since I had anything to do with writing forms and this was as much inspiration as the surprise!  Well, it must have "tripped my trigger" because then I headed to the sewing room -feeling so much better because I had been touched by an angel.

O - for right now it is not going on any pillow because I have framed it on the door to the sewing room  to remind me that love can move mountains. ! ~smile~

So now I was brave enough to pull out the new fabric that I am dieing to use to make a play project .
My play projects are something that captures your interest and you get to play with some new fabric !  I had to cut out 16 blocks that are 2.5 x 2.5 . The first thing that happened was I had to go to war with my rotary cutter. Seems like there is always one of my toys that likes to act mischievous and drive me nuts. I finally had two of them tore down wondering what I was doing wrong. I pulled out a new blade and searched on the internet about how to put them back together - thank goodness for the internet!

Aaaah! The mystery of a new piece of fabric and a three inch Styrofoam ball. But it was so wonderful to become emerged in a new project. It is like you take a trip on a magic carpet and for a brief period of time you are "out of your body" - just enjoying the process and what you are learning.

  Now, I am folding the squares into rectangles -then folding both ends of the triangles in to meet in the center and attempting to not burn my fingers at the same time. I HOPE to be able to return to my project tomorrow.


  1. How sweet of Maria to send you that lovely gift, along with her heartfelt wishes.

  2. Pleased to hear you got your mojoe working again Linda.

    Wonder what new project is???

  3. Hi Linda! How I agree with you that a friend's love can give you MoJo again!!! I have been a little down also, and my friends and family have sure been there for me! I'm including my blog friends like you also! Your gift is beautiful...wish I could see the stitching better. Sounds like she knows how to do a good machine quilting. I'm not a machine quilter at all...and for me, it is such a mystery how to do it. I've been told numerous times, but it just doesn't click for me. So I hand quilt only.

    I also like your new project! Sewing is the best way to lose yourself in something that allows time to fly. cathy :)

  4. How thoughtful of your friend to send you something to warm you heart. I'm glad it helped.