Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely day and Disney

With DH out of the house today - I got sooooo many things accomplished that I had hoped to do months ago.I can get into sooo much trouble by myself - all I have to do is attempt something ! For instance when I went to feed the chickens - I realized I could use the bigger hanging feeder now. It was laying on top of the run and when I reached up to snatch it - BEES - Mad Bees!! and I took off squalling and running!  I eventually got all the critters fed and went back in the house . Now would be the perfect time to bring my flowers outside for a vacation -since our frost danger is now passed. I pulled all the flowers off the shelf  and placed them on the ground while I went back to drag the shelf outdoors and placed it near the back door on a level spot. All was going great UNTIL I wiggled the shelf as I placed a couple of plants on it and ---- BEES!!!!!! Yep- I got squalling and running once again - only this was closer to the door so I didn't have as far to run! I stood and watched them pile out of their so-called home and look for the invader that had upset them . It was bad enough that they were mad because I had wiggled the shelf - they were now Mad because I had flowers sitting in front of the door to their house! I came on in and got busy cleaning things I had hoped to clean for a while now.About an hour later I went back to check on them-hoping to get my other flowers off the ground and as I tiptoed near =BEES! Some kind of Little -tiny black bees and they had found a crack on the storm window and took up residence! Back in the house for safety where I clean up the little mud porch from all my flower mess and next I waded into laundry and cobwebbs and just lots of dirt.

Soon I get a notion to go out the front door to visit with the flowers and that is where I captured this yellow colombine. So perfect and making me so happy just to visit with it. Next just up the hill a tad I found this yellow and pink columbine

.I just love flowers -talk about pure joy-they are for me.

I was amazed that one of my roses was now in bloom and I had to stop and say hi!  As I meander down to check out some canna's and they were just peeking through the ground now - I stopped to look at one of my birdhouses that Harley had made for me out of flower pots . For the past two years a family of chickadees had called this one home . I looked and realized that the bottom of the pot had caved in and no birds could use it until I would fix the bottom. But I was lucky because when I was cleaning the back porch off - I had found a bottom that DH had cut out for me as a spare last year. I was really lucky to find it-much less remember where it was. I took the little pot off of its hanger and trotted up to the front porch where I laid it down on its side to go get the other part and as I did - BEES!! had staked their claim on it - regardless of how poor condition it was in. So, I scooted back in the house - I was now flanked in at the front door and the back door and not a very happy camper at all. I did realize how lucky I was not to get caught and stung because I am allergic to them.

I came in the sewing room and searched for what my next project would be and I  heard a loud noise. Went to the door to look and hail was pouring down .

Of course by the time I went and grabbed the camers - you cannot see it except that gray film is rain.I appreciated the rain because I knew that would make the bees slower.

So , I went back out and peeked in the hole where the bottom floor of the bird house was and saw the wasps in there. I took the water hose and stuck it in and very unpolitely evicted them! Now, I have to let it dry out before I can fix the bottom - so that will be another day. LOL

The only thing you can see is a couple of white spots where they hit my camera.

This piece of Disney was a half yard that I picked up for my daughter-in-law because she loves Disney. On the left hand side is the checkbook cover that I had made for her for Christmas - last year- and guess who forgot to give it to her???? That would be me - so I had hoping to give it to her for her birthday in July. I cut all the little squares and am going to tackle an ornament and that will not leave MUCH at all to waste? Just those little top three scrapes ? I have been considering using them to do the a set of "ear rings"???  You just never know what I will come up with??? :) But, I am WAY too tired to tackle anything else tonight!

My son did call and they have just arrived home from their doctor visit and he said they are thinking Tuesday they will operate on his back for the 3 disc that have ruptured? It was interesting that they told him -IF - he could wait another couple of months that sometimes the disc repair themselves -which was what happened with me. He also said that the people at this Big hospital were tons nicer than at our local 3 little hospitals.He said they wanted to help you get your health back and treated him sooo nice. I worry about him because he works with heavy equipment?

To  one and all - a good night! :)


  1. I am so happy your son is going to get fixed! Yaaaaa!
    Your flowers and sunshine make me smile... we are all doom and darkenss here now... winter is here! It makes me smile knowing that you guys are finally having a summer... even if it does hail!
    Bees... ikky, nasty things... they sting ya! Not nice. Even worse are hornets... f*#k one stung me on the top of my thumb and I cried like a baby for AGES!
    I know you didn't need to know that... but OH WELL... just sayin! At least I'm not allergic to them! Poor you, trapped inside by teeny, tiny INSECTS.

  2. Good news about your son. I hope his surgery goes well and he's "right as rain" before you know it.
    I'm loving your scenery and flowers. Everything is so green and pretty. Not like dry old Aussie land!

  3. Linda, I'll keep your son in prayer!