Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy Start of a New Week

Little did I know when Little Bear went out with me to do some chores - that this was going to become a uncomfortably hot afternoon.  Right now it was beautiful and wind whipping making it feel so nice.

 I had never heard of a columbine flower until 3 years ago when I stumbled into one when I was cleaning for Ruth and taking care of her flowers. I noticed that they kept coming back each year and that they bloomed from Spring until Fall - which made me fall in love with them. Ruth gave me my first start and I have loved them every since. This one just amazes me -one plant with two different colors.And the location where it is planted is not great land , so it has to be a tough plant to survive for me to cast my eyes on it and fill up with appreciation of something so beautiful as I go about my chores.

This is my newest member of my family. I fell in love with her yesterday and this morning I did transplant her right in the bed with the first one - so I know they can survive here. The buds come on and are green and yellow and green -then a bright red color comes on as the buds open up and then finally turn into this red and white color as they get ready to fade.

As I meander through my flower beds I stop and say Hello to a flower that was here before I was. This little gem pops up anywhere she wants to . She was planted here many years ago by my Grandmother that I can not remember as she passed when I was only two. But when I see living monuments like these I appreciate all of her hard work to live on this piece of land and raise 7 children. Every time I stop to admire this little Star of Bethlehem - I can feel her love that we share for living things.

This is one that is two years old . I totally adore flowers and appreciate every one of them because they have been hard to come by -partly because of a lack of money to purchase them and partly because something always wanted to eat  them . So, I believe I am so lucky to have their beauty make my heart beat with love.

After I captured these pictures I pulled out some plants that I treated myself with yesterday. I wanted to get them in the ground as soon as possible. I planted a Tickseed /coreopsis in the center of the bed. When it starts to bloom , its yellow blooms will be so beautiful to me.

Next I moved down to the next bed and pulled out a plant called , bee balm which attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and has a bright red bloom.

The sun is getting high and hotter by the minute so I keep focused  to accomplish my goals. I pull out my four begonia bulbs and put them in hanging baskets. Next I move down to one of the raised beds and plant my four blueberries-with wishes for the special little blue fruits on my brain.

It continues to get hotter , but I push on to my last task . DH had asked me to move some little run-a-way raspberries in the garden so he can till the garden. I carried water with me now and dig up 7 little escapees and dig holes and put them on the right hand side of the garden . Go get more water and dig up more escapees on the left side of the garden and plant them in holes I have already dug.

I really wanted to take pruning shears to one plant that thinks it Owns the garden and needs to be taken down to size-but I was too hot and almost in trouble. I head towards the house with sweat pouring from me . I am so tired and weak -so I head to the shower and when the water runs out of hot water I still let the cool water pour down on me. As I drag myself from the shower - I did take my temperature and it was 102- so I knew I had been in danger of heat exhaustion and I was not about to let it turn into a heat stroke. I poured a large glass of tea and sip quietly under a ceiling fan as I start to cool off.

Since DH has been called away - I head to the sewing room. After not being in here for a while I found plenty of messes that Miss Rosie has got into and I clean that up and pull out another project that I had just started! Yea!

So after locating the parts to the puzzle - I manage to pull off this size xxl - oversized shirt for a friend for Christmas. Time waits for no person and I know it is flying away already. Just think , only 7 months and Christmas will be back again. It amazes me how fast time gets away from us all. :)

This is the design up close and it says , When you need a little nudge - friends are always there! It was always a dream of hers to have a farm -so this way she can have a small piece of it and know that her friend remembers that she was important enough to me to wish her dream could come true. :)

Well, my dear friends I am going to stagger off the bed and count my blessings and hope to tackle another day tomorrow.
Nite -Nite! :)


  1. I loved the walk around your garden with Little Bear. We had fun!

  2. Thank you for tour around your beautiful garden.
    Love all the pretty colours.

  3. I could get happily lost in your garden. It is so pretty!