Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fabric Quest

Hello , my dear blogging family,

Considering that my mean ole nasty teeth are still killing me -DH took me on a Fabric Quest. I finally had to give in and put an aspirin on the gum and let it dissolve to help numb the pain.(yes, I do know that it will eat on my gum-but you know how pain is - you can only stand so much and anybody that has had severe tooth pain will tell you the same thing)

Our first stop was at The Pottery -again because DH wanted to get some information about this water-wheel. He desires to build one for our creek with the dream of learning how he can make electricity ? I would love it if he could do that . I begged for him to get interested with this project when we were in our twenty's when we were a lot smarter . I always said to myself that I would have to wait until my DH and I were in a rocking chair before he would get all his wild oats sewed. LOL

This was a new General Store that they have built this year and the most wonderful lady works in there . I love the little building because it is so rustic and bright inside . There was all kind of candies and drinks and some antiques. Of course I could not enjoy them because of my tooth ache - but maybe -one of these days?LOL And DH was able to get the information about who built their water-wheel.

Then on to the building that houses their fabrics and you can see that they have a neat selection -this is just one lane -they have another on the opposite side and some more spread out through more rooms. Like a discount room and an upholstery room . Here on the right hand side is some of their knits. I actually picked up two different kinds of a pale green knit. One very soft and lightweight -almost a jersey and a second that is a little heavier and feels kinda like it has some kind of lycra in it because it is so nice and stretchy-yet it holds its shape. I got two yards of the first and four yards of the second because I do think I will have to make me a shirt too. :) I also picked up two more boxes of the little pins for the ornaments . The pins were .49 a box and the knit was 2.00 a yard. I also found two pretty colors of cotton to attempt on another ornament.?

Just a couple miles down the road was another little quilting shop named Mountain Plains.

Opps, this one is too dark - I just got carried away with the wood stove there in the center.

But, at least you can see all the treasures they have here too.I think we are so very lucky to have these local fabric stores in our area.

I had a lovely day and now I have the knits in the wash machine to make sure that it takes care of the "Shrink Factor"!

If only one of these shops had someone to work on teeth and ease pain ? LOL


  1. Hi Linda...I could almost feel your pain! I HATE teeth work! I have to have so much of it at a young age, and it just kept right on for years. I hope you can get it fixed soon.

    Your trip sounded nice (except for the pain), and I felt like I was the mouse in your pocket. Thanks for sharing with us, and let us know when you get that water wheel and electricity. I won't hold my breath! LOL

  2. What fun to look at all those fabrics, not fun to have tooth problems tho'
    Try chewing a clove. That helps me with toothache.

  3. le's see if my computer likes you again, it let me get on your blog with no problem, so far that is..