Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 -all day long :)

It was another beautiful day  with comfortable temperatures and a very frisky breeze that was still caressing the trees as they swayed to the rhythm of Spring. The colors are awesome and the smells are fantastic . But there was a dark spot in our world because both DH and I were sick today  and neither one of us did any more than we absolutely had to.

We did have some sunshine though when our son called to tell us that there is a hospital that has agreed to see him the 28th of this month. They want to run their own tests and then decide what to do. It is almost a four hour drive and Dad has volunteered to take him because we have the better vehicle (opps - I forgot it has to be inspected?)  Seems like there is Always something to take care of? ????? But I am so pleased with the news.

I know in my heart it had something to do with you all and your wishes to help. I like to think that when all of our guardian angels got together that is how it was pulled off.  - so Thank you so very much and hugs to each one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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