Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day . It always makes me fret because it feels like Our grown children are under pressure to do something special for one day a year. It just makes me sad. I know a couple of years back I decided IF mother's were to have a day - then I was going to give my son's a day. I colored up a banner and fixed some of their favorite foods. Then I bought them each a pocket knife as a gift and I asked them to come home just for a couple of hours. They were definitely surprised and it made me feel so much better that I could have a special time with them and their partners-because they are so special to me.

Since I was an only child  -and now as I watch our family grow , sometimes I think that is why I feel so odd or uncomfortable ? From me as one -to me and hubby as two- then we two and three children who then moved on to them with partners as two more and the grand-babies and now the grand-babies having babies? It just blows my mind and scares me at the same time. .They are such a blessing.

This was my flower that I received and they are so beautiful. I am keeping them in the house because they are calling for frost tonight and I do not want anything to happen to them..

My youngest son is in excruciating pain from his back. Three weeks ago he bent over and a disc in his back ruptured and two more are on nerves. They took him to the emergency room and they could not do anything for him because he does not have insurance  and with our presidents new health care most doctors and hospitals cannot treat someone without insurance. He went to another hospital and they did find one doctor who would look at him. He was the one that arranged for the test to see what was calling his pain. But now none of the hospitals will do the surgery on his back because of the health care bill.

He is in screaming pain and also has all these jerky uncontrollable movements  - it is so horrible to watch him suffer and on top of this they have just found out they are pregnant and he cannot work like this . They are going to turn his electricity off and we do not have 1300.00 to pay the bill. It is a very scary time for us.

But we did all manage to be together for the day.

This is one of my daughter-in-laws with her new grand-daughter.I wish every one has had a blessed day.:)
I had written this post last night, but I guess my "puter" just did not want to co-operate and surprised me with this post this morning.  So - Surprise. :)


  1. I am so sorry that you are going through hard times! You are blessed with a lovely family. Hope your son is better soon!

  2. OOO the flowers are beautiful... as is the baby.