Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday turned chilly

I really do not enjoy this time of year because every time I get my heart set for pretty weather -it changes on me. Down in the low 30's last night so we lost some of our plants that hubby had set out. It was cold in the house so I had to pull out my sweat pants and long sleeves again. :(

It was critter day chores and a run to the drug store to pick up medicines for me and DH. At least that is out of the way for a while. :)

Hoping to be able to go in the sewing room tomorrow. I was so glad that I got most of my flowers mulched last week. Even two roosters tried to scratch the straw away like they had done my grass clippings -but they lost that battle because I had made it very thick. LOL  Now, that is what I call one point for me this Spring -usually the roosters get that first point - lol ! But not this time so far.!

I was so tired when we returned home and I was looking for a recipe for couscous and I just cannot find it anywhere. I even looked online for an hour and could not find anything that looked good. We had picked up some buttermilk on the way home-so we pulled that out and just had buttermilk and cornbread. Too tired to even fix anything else.

If anybody has any recipes for couscous - point me in the right direction.:)

I am going to say good-night and hope everybody gets their rest and enjoys a perfect day.
night all!

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  1. Sorry cannot help with a recipe as I am a good cook.