Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wonderful Sewing Saturday !

Mocha decided to hang out with me in the sewing room - but she got VERY suspicious when she saw me pull out the camera?? But she is just so cute to me I had to have a picture. She was chewing on a chewie, but after the flash she was deciding whether to hang out OR run for the bed????

Well, just her presence made me happy and feeling creative. I have started to work on a tee shirt for #2 daughter-in-law.  I have it cut out and start sewing the shoulders together with my serger. I really LOVE my serger because it does two jobs at one time. But I do have trouble getting my stitches right.

I really do appreciate my little Brother 1034D serger. I like the pretty colors that show you how to thread it. I knew I wanted the ability to work with sleeves and pants legs by taking off the front area. I also wanted the ability to work with decorative threads of different sizes  - AND - I knew I wanted to be able to use normal needles so that would be one more thing I would not have to remember. :)

Since Mocha had deserted me and she left behind her chewie - her brother Bandit decided to take advantage of it-doesn't he look happy? :)

 I am still learning about the qualities of fabric . This was a double knit fabric and it has a lot of give to it and it also has problems accepting too many stitches and leaves a rubble along the path that has been sewed. I did take the iron to it which makes it look better . But I have learned that it still causes problems after it is washed and dryed.

A close up of the design shows a lovely fairy with the helpful advise of Believe -Seek and Try - hoping she will remember as she goes along that sometimes this is good advice. :)

This is one of the shirts that I made for DH this month for his 63rd birthday. When we were dating he had a black chevy like this one. When I had started this design I realized that I could not color it black because it would not stand out from the tires. He was really surprised and I was so appreciative of the gentleman who gave of himself to create this design- it sure did bring back memories . :)

The problem I was having with this project was the neck kept stretching larger and larger. I took it as long as I could and then decided to see if I could help it. So , I cut off the neckband and cut off about 5 inches -then sewed it back together and reattached it to the shirt. I did help it and I will be curious to see if he notices anything ?????

I can tell the difference and I hope I have helped it?  I folded the sleeves back for the picture -but as I look at it -it makes me think of those "muscle shirts" I have seen guys wear? I wonder if they are out of style yet???

I also sewed a button on a pair of DH's pants and I sewed a back pocket back on where it had got ripped . So, all and all I have had a pretty satisfying day. Played with my pups and finished a project for the daughter-in-law that I have not decided if it will become a Christmas present OR a birthday present???

Then I made the mistake of looking at the calendar and seeing that there are two granddaughters will be having birthdays this month????

On top of this wonderful time in the sewing room - I planted some canna lillies today. The ground was so hard and dry and the grass and weeds had taken over so I had to dig all of that mess up. My back was not happy but my spirit was . I have another bag with some yellow cannas  that I hope to accomplish tomorrow.  I used to have dahlias planted there , but I got tired of having to dig them up and save them in the basement- but the reason was that after all the work of digging and planting them - they would only start to bloom about a month before the frost comes . When I planted my first cannas last year they took a while to bloom also - but the foliage was as beautiful as the blooms are . To my imagination they make me feel like I am somewhere tropical!

All in all I have had a very pleasant day - so I am very happy. I will have to put my thinking cap on about the two birthday presents tomorrow. :)

May love and peace surround your day and night.
 Hugs to all.


  1. Nice to met Mocha and Bandit.
    You have been busy sewing.Linda.
    Ah and you have taught me a different word. Serger we call it an overlocker.

  2. I sooooo want to make some clothes, particulary shirts.... one day I will get brave enough! You are my inspiration.