Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday and the Dam

Another day just plain run off and left me - there is just not enough time in a day to accomplish everything I would like to do. O, and on top of not enough time -there is that little problem called energy - and another problem I am having is Bumble Bees! Every Spring a battle wages between Me for my front porch and Them claiming my front porch. You would think they would give up , I guess they are just as stubborn as I am and they are a LOT faster me. I was attempting to plant some flower seeds on the porch and they did not want me too-they had me on the run a few times-UNTIL I got smart and took the water hose to them and we called it even for the night. :) You should see the holes those hurtful critters have chewed in a 2 x 4 frame DH built me to go over my little swing!  And yes, I have read that they are helpful at pollinating plants -but darn - they sure do hurt IF they sting you!

I knew my flower beds outside were getting taken over my weeds so I asked DH this morning if we could go to town and out in the country where I had seen a sign with straw for sale for 3.00. He wanted to drive though near that way to look to see how the place he had lived in -had grown up . Gosh , it was almost wall to wall homes and people. It made me so grateful that where we lived is not that bad.

We have to pass two dams on our way to town and the first one going out is the Little River Dam.

This place has the ability to scare me and to Awe me at the same time. I know you cannot see it- but there is usually a cool mist being sprayed on you. Sometimes it can be pretty - like now . But let a few storms move in on Va. and North Carolina and it turns it into a raging monster with water coming through the dam and Over the dam and if you look on the other side where that rock ledge is -an angry river can even get up almost that high. We did that one time and drove down to look - didn't take long for me to want to get out of there. It is like there is an Angry Energy that contains the area. We are lucky once again because IF the Dams should ever break or be bombed , ect. -we live above the water and I like that. I find it neat that places are just like people - they have different personalities and different energies.DH has fished there at times , but he really doesn't like it that much because you are always getting hung up and losing your hooks.

This is just a little different angle
When we got to where the farm is that had the straw -but -he had sold every bit of it. So, we backtracked and finally found hay at a little fruit stand for 3.99 a bale and I got 4 bales . Came home and changed clothes and headed outdoors. I am using the straw this year on most of my flower beds. I love my flowers , but I am a lazy tender ! I pulled all of those hateful weeds and put the straw down -nice and thick. Then I moved onto the porch and worked in the soil in containers on there. I had planted some nasturtiums and here came the bumbles! Grrr!  They would run me off and then guard their corner of the world. We did this for about a half hour until I got smart and got the water hose - so lets just say that they did not like taking a bath and they finally gave up the battle. I might have won a battle -but I have not Won the war YET? You should see the sawdust they covered my swing with and that was after I had just cleaned it up -hoping to drink a cool tea and enjoy my favorite time of the year. Dumb bees! I hope you all do not have bees claiming your territory !
I still have lots of flowers to move out doors but the danger of frost still goes through next week.

If I could only live with flowers and warm temperatures all year long -I would love that. Somebody has replaced my DH's body - because he actually cut our potatoes in sections and he is planting "HIS" potato
patch and it is dark now!  Wonder who this is????? :)
Hope everyone has had a wonderful day! Love to all !

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  1. Nice pictures of your Dam. We have one in Eastern Washington, but it is huge! They put on laser lights shows detailing the history of building the dam. Really a delightful show.