Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday day trip to North Carolina

Today DH and I went to N.C. because they have the most wonderful supple of fruits and vegetables and flowers of all sizes and colors.It was a magical trip as I adore all the plants and you meet the most awesome people. Hum??? Maybe all people who love plants are just wonderful people?? I like that thought.

This was our first stop and I can not remember the name of the business - but it is run by a sweet family and they are always so kind and helpful. We picked up two patio tomatoes as I really LOVE them. I get the greatest kick out of watching our front porch for tomatoes. Yummy. Plus, I have a water hose on the porch and that makes it easier for me to keep them watered.

This is the other side - wish I could just buy one of everything.

Our weather today was perfect - nice and warm and a healthy breeze making the trees dance  and put on a show.

Then behind all this you see in the front -is a covered part that has MORE beautiful  plants. It is always a magical place to me as I wander through the isles .

This was our second stop and I love this family also. I always feel so honored just to be allowed on the property just to look at everything my eyeballs can see. :)

I have a real problem with pictures. All my life I have adored pictures - you can capture a memory on paper. Then about 10 years ago my DH wanted to take a trip to South Carolina because there was a lake there that everybody bragged about how good the fishing was . So, we finally arranged the trip and the lake was awesome . We did fish a little and I caught a beautiful catfish and by then it was getting really hot. We decided to take a tour of the community . It was really lovely and I found a wonderful book shop and I had fun in there. The flowers were beautiful everywhere and as we rounded a curve -was the biggest cactus I had ever seen. I asked to stop and take a picture . There was traffic going in both directions so I just stepped out on the sidewalk which made me across the road from the plant. I went to snap a picture and I heard someone screaming their head off. I looked behind me and on both sides and finally I figured out it was some lady at that house. I can still hear her screaming and cussing. I walked across the road to see what the problem was and she said I was STEALING from her and that those flowers was the way she made her lively hood??? I was so stunning I felt like she had slapped me. So, when she went to take a breath I asked her to sell me a baby plant and with the offer of money she did calm down and we left. But, I kept wondering how in the world was I to know something like that when there was NO sign anywhere .

But she has ruined my joy of taking pictures as a fear now clutches at me unless I am in the back yard with my pets and no body can see me.It still makes me want to cry because I would never steal from anybody intentionally. So, that is why these pictures are from a distance . And when I took those pictures of the Quilt shops - I asked each owner if it would be alright.

Good day and good night to all of my buddies!  Love to all.


  1. Love your pics and Yes it is a good idea to ask first but that lady did not have to be so rude either.

  2. Good Morning! I am just getting back to looking at my email and blog since my mom. Anyways, thanks for your comments on my blog. I know what you mean about missing our mom's! I hope we can catch up on our chatting. I'll look over your blog today and see what you've been up too. My house is a mess from emptying my mom's apartment. Just when you don't feel like going through her stuff they tell you that you have 5 days to empty everything out of it. I was so blessed that my two girls were able to do most the heavy work, and they helped me emotionally.

    I noticed that when you leave a comment on my blog I still do not have a reply on it to your email. You thought it was fixed but it isn't, it still says noreply. Maybe I can figure out what you need to do if you want replies to your email. If you are not hearing from people when you leave them a comment this is why!~

    Hope you are doing okay since your sweet doggies have gone? Let me know. Cathy

  3. WHOA!!! I just read your blog here and I am STUNNED for you how this woman could scream at you for taking pictures! It isn't like you were going to sell them or make a profit off them. I would say you need to take your heart back from her, even after 10 years, and give yourself permission to enjoy your pictures, and realize THAT THAT WOMAN WAS THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!!! IT WASN'T YOU!!!

  4. Go under SETTINGS....COMMENTS....NOTIFICATION EMAIL and put in your email address. That way I believe you will receive replies from others when you comment on their blogs. Send me a reply and I'll see if it worked after you check these.

  5. I love plant shops too... that one you went to looks awesome. That lady who screamed at you was just being a B*%CH... I take photos of other people's houses etc! Pfffffft.
    If what I want to photograph is in a show or shop or similar I do ask though. Not many people mind me taking photos!