Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday Ornament

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time is. I can remember getting up because it was Late . We ate breakfast but it should have been lunch. By the time I got that cleaned up and did some laundry and some dishes, ect. -my day had slipped away -again.

So, I slipped away into the sewing room and started cutting out  a different color out for one of the ornaments. It takes quiet a bit of time -from measuring and cutting out your squares and then ironing them folded and then refolded - and it is not without its hazards! Lining up your first two squares on the top and bottom is so important. Then building your layers is tricky - especially when you poke a pin through the skin on your finger and you have to catch that blood before it ruins your project.. Then of course you have to kiss your finger to make that boo-boo go away! LOL

I still think they make me think of puzzles and they drive me nuts attempting to line up those little triangles?

I wish I had one of Lynne's Teflon gloves . I think that would really help protect your fingers when you are attempting to use that HOT iron to make the triangles. That steam really hurts! Then my other problem is I get in too big of a hurry and make mistakes. I guess I do like that "instant gratification"? :)


  1. Your oraments are loking great. Don't think I ever what to make them though?

  2. You are going to have one FANTASTIC looking christmas tree mate!