Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a totally beautiful day, even if it was dark and dreary This is one of my little flowers that I Almost did not have to enjoy because I thought it was a weed . But, just out of curiosity I let it be - telling myself I could always dig it up later -after I had satisfied my curiosity- which now I am so grateful that I listened to my own advice !:)It might be small-but I to me is is breath taking.

I had managed to decide which would be my next project. This is a piece of fabric that my dear friend , Ruth had given to me in a little bag of scrapes. Since she will be 91 soon I thought it might get a smile out of her to see something she had saved so many years ago

But then DH came along and asked me outdoors and you know how that goes-once outdoors with so much work and for him to be in the mood to work - I did not want to discourage him in any way. He pulled up 4 medium sized trees that had died. The last one was at the corner of the house and it made a big mess. About then I was very disheartened because it tore up some flowers that Ruth had given me a few years back. My flowers are Very important to me because it is a miracle to me to have them.

But , needless to say we worked outdoors all afternoon. Then DH went to mow a hill beside the house and I went to gather eggs. Several of the hens are sitting and when you peek in they get so very upset at anyone that interferes with their privacy. They all fuzz up and fuss at the top of their little lungs. I get so tickled at them and the ones that are the meanest I always ruffle their little topnots and that really insults them.

I was thinking how fast our time goes and it made me think of how we work so hard to get some things and then we are too busy to enjoy it and also to appreciate it .

So I trotted off to the house to get my camera because one of the things that I do enjoy is my chickens. I do see them when I gather the eggs or feed and water them - but to get to spend time with them is not that often.

So, dog gone it, I changed it this afternoon. I sat and watched them for a good half hour. I always get tickled at their antics. This little white rooster I think is just as handsome as he thinks he is. Then little hen I adore because she is a "splash" because of her "paint job" LOL.She is the second one I have ever had -the little rooster was stolen from me two summers ago and it broke my heart. I got lucky to have Lady Splash because she was in a different building.

This is Lady Splash's best friend . They were rooming together when the others were stolen and I am so grateful to have her too. She has feathers down her legs . She makes me think of little ole ladies wearing pantaloons .

I know that I try to do right by my little flock -and everytime we are on the road and one of those poultry trucks passes us flying with white feathers flying out all over the place-it just breaks my heart to know what a terrible end they are headed for. Throats slit or being electrocuted  and I wish I could change the world for all of them.  When things go bad  here  - like  a  hawk or a racoon or a opossum or that sneaky little hoot owl - it breaks my heart. I once told my girl friend that it was hard to keep a chicken because  it seemed like Everything in the world liked to eat chicken!

So when I can see mine outdoors playing in the sun and scratching for the tastiest worm it always puts a smile on my face to know that just at that moment life is good between me and my gals.:)


  1. I liked meeting your chooks. What a handsome bunch they are.

  2. Wow what lovely chooks!
    They look very healthy and happy.