Monday, May 30, 2011

A truly beautiful day for all

What a truly beautiful day it has been and I have worked outdoors most of the day , even though the heat is Very high. DH went over to our oldest son's to use his garage to work on our little vehicle because it Has to be inspected by tomorrow. He said that he wanted Cory to help him because he did not feel comfortable working on the brakes this time.

He had already dug the holes for our white sweet potato plants early this morning and said he would finish this afternoon.But I knew he would be too tired-so- after I got the morning chores finished - I boogied down to the garden and took the plants and a five gallon bucket of water from our pond because that is suppose to be good for plants. I would dig a hole in the center of the hill he had made and put my plant in and pour the water in with it and close it up. I was running out of water so I decided to take a short cut and that was when I ran into Mr. Blacksnake . It  looked like a young adult and it was Very fast. I almost feel over backwards I was so startled and I think it was of me too!  It turned out to be funny because when I came back with the water he was watching me on the back side of the post. I totally ignored him and went back to my work. As long as he STAYS out of my house we will find a way to live in peace , but I will not tell DH because he will want to murder it. I know they are good for the environment and I need to get over this fear of them. I didn't do too bad this time , but he is not a monster one like I usually run into. This one was only about 4 feet long , so he has some growing to do. So maybe he will patrol the garden for us. LOL

When I had finished with the plants I had sweat dripping off of me like a water fountain. It kept getting in my eyes and dripping off of my nose. But DH had planted two rows of corn and it was about 3 feet high and the weeds were taking it over. So, I took my mighty hoe and went to work getting rid of those weeds. Next I carried everything back where it belonged and I went to the strawberry bed and tackled those weeds and picked the few that were ripe.I got sidetracked at my flowers and noticed the "stinging nettle" was trying to move in , so I tackled removing it  too. It did not appreciate me attempting to give it moving orders and it bit me a few times.  I trotted over to the spinach and pulled weeds there and picked enough for a salad I was ready for, and carried it all to the house

I put both the strawberries and the spinach into a little salt water while I ran the vacuum and shook the rugs and then put everything back. I carried out two loads of laundry to hang on the line. I am trying any trick I know to help with that electric bill.

Finally I got to take my shower and then go enjoy my salad . Since there were only a few strawberries I just chopped them up in my salad and I was in for a delicious treat! That was really good!  I need to take a pain pill , but I am stubborn and don't want to. Mr. Fibromyalgia wants to mistreat me after all that work!

This is another one of those projects from the quilt shop-It looks like primitive chickens to me and that is a piece of plastic wrap making it shiny. I don't know why they had that there? LOL

Well, I hear another load of laundry calling me - so I know I have to bring the load in that is waiting for me on the line. I hope All of you are having a beautiful day!
Love to All!

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  1. God grief woman!!! Just how do you manage to do all that in one day?
    It must be really hot there now .... you certainly seem to get extremes of temperatures.
    Too cold, too hot!
    A snake! OMG I'm glad I wasn't with you.. I would have screamed the place down .... then tried to kill it!