Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swimming thru

I found this fabric in N.C. a few years back. One of my friend's husbands was very sick and he used to be a very competitive bass fisherman.I wanted something that would resonate with something that he loved-hoping to life his spirits. I made him a "fish checkbook cover" , and I think that he enjoyed it. So, I had this scrape leftover and I happen to know a few other fishermen who might just enjoy a fist mug rug.

Our weather here today was RAINY - most of the day. I managed to do morning and afternoon chores without getting totally drowned. But it was quiet chilly and DH started a fire to knock the chill off of the house.

I managed to fix DH his biscuits for breakfast and he had gravy with them..Then for lunch I was quiet hungry and  I had a cream cheese with fresh green peppers on it. I really like that sandwich. I did toast my bread this time to make it more durable when I spread the cream cheese on it.

Then I managed to do a couple of laundries and then run vacuum . So another day has come and gone-much to fast to suit me. Hope you have had a wonderful day.

1 comment:

  1. Those fish mug rugs are really lovely.
    I have seen that fabric here too!
    $28 a metre though!