Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blue Girls and lovely irises!

This is one of my Favorite colors of my chickens. When the chicken thieves swiped most of my flock two summers ago they took all but one of my "blue - girls"-as I call them. I am slowly working to build them back up. I think I have 3 now and I have Mama chickens that have decided to set -so I am letting them go ahead and hoping for some more "blues"! :)

I am sorry I did not post last night. We had gone back to W.VA. and DH had helped fix brother-in-law's truck and I had gone to be moral support to my sister-in-law who had to go back to the doctor for terrible pain in her leg that she thought was from shots in her leg she had received the day before. I hate to see anybody suffer with pain.They did xrays on her and found arthritis and bursitis and gave her a pain shot and pain pills. I asked the doctor how was he going to get the muscles to relax(because he said they were too tight) and he gave me one of those "deer in the headlight looks"? He said he could not manipulate muscles that were in that shape. I told him that the pain meds were just "a bandage"  -how could they work to fix it to where she was not in pain all the time-AND - he had NO ideas. I was amazed. I guess I just look at things differently from doctors ?????

We came home late and I was pooped already. I did my chores after dark and it was just too late to post.

It was just SO nice this morning to just be able to enjoy home. I stopped by this lovely iris just to tell it how lovely it was on my way to do morning chores. Plus, it SMELLED so divine! I cannot imagine how my Father can create every little detail so perfectly.

I did get the morning chores completely -then feed us. After cleaning up that mess I headed to the desk to tackle the "Bills" for this month. It always seems to take forever to tackle this job. Probably because I hate it. It is SO hard to figure out how to  "stretch each penny" - and yes it did take all afternoon. I am hoping to get them mailed out tomorrow and get that burden off of my shoulders.

Then it was time to finish outside chores . There was a crisp chill in the air so I had to put on a little lightweight jacket . By the time I finished I had about 20 minutes to tackle a evening walk. I know that is not much - but I know I have to start somewhere. I was so tired by the time I got back in the house that I just took a break and watched a program on tv with DH.

Now it is past my bedtime and I still have a pile of clothes on my bed that I will have to put up.So, I better go tackle that . I hope you have had a lovely day too! Each one is so special - I just wish they did not have to go so fast. :)


  1. I'm glad you had a good day, your blue chooks are lovely and I hope you get more.
    Some doctors are hopeless eh?

  2. Love all your girls Linda but the blues are special.
    WOW!!! What a beautiful Iris. I have never seen one that colour.
    Pleased to say some of my bulbs are coming up in my raised bed.