Friday, May 13, 2011

Sewing Guild meeting

Last night after I got back from the Sewing Guild meeting - would not let me post due to some problem. I had not forgotten about you guys and I wondered if you had the same problem?

Lynne and I went to the Sewing Guild meeting  and this month was a project called , "Your Ugly Fabric". We each brought at least a yard of what we considered to be a piece of ugly fabric and we will have a couple of months to turn it into something. I think I got really lucky-because this piece feels like upholstery fabric and it has all the names of the states in the USA on car tags.

You should have seen the piece that Lynne ended up with . It was Horrible - black and red plaids in very small pattern. I had to agree that it was "Truly Ugly". She said she could see a pair of slacks from it -but she did not think it would look good on a "Mature size lady" , which we all are- err- Almost all of us are. LOL Maybe 3 of us in the group would not fall into that category.I wish I was one of those 3, but ????? You know how it is. :)

It was a really nice meeting. There was a young lady who was only 19 and she gave an excellent presentation on some of the history of fashions and she had examples . Some were items that she had made and wore to those war replications. Then some of them she had made and dressed dolls in them. I thought she was very talented and I could not believe that she was just 19.Wish I could have had all that knowledge at that age. That would really give you an excellent base to build your sewing knowledge on. I did not realize that women wore so many Layers of clothing at that time? And I was amazed at her own personal corset!  Made me wonder IF I was EVER that size???? LOL After her demonstration she offered up a wide array of doll clothing for sale.

Then we had show and tell of what had been worked on in the past month. There were quilts and runners and dresses and wall hangings and totes and pocket books. Such a wide array of so many different talents. If only I could find a way to hide my broken teeth maybe I would get enough courage to share.

They had a table which offered up all kind of books and I got two for two dollars. One was left over scrap projects and one was a pamphlet with terra cotta projects. I love terra cotta projects. :)

Next Friday there will be a Quilt Ralley where you go to all the shops on a list and get your paper marked . When you complete the ralley you turn your list in at the last shop you end at . Then your name is put in a drawing for a gift. It has been being a super-duper machine of some kind. Plus as you visit each shop they offer up snacks of all kinds, so at least you do not starve as you try to complete your trip.I hate that some of the shops have such a wide distance between them. Lynne had thought about not attending this year -but changed her mind and we hope to go on Friday. She will take a day off from her job and she has a co-worked that likes to go to. She is kind enough to let me ride in the front because I get car sick.

Lynne is such a kind , sweet , talented person. I am So very lucky to have found my way into her life.If only I could be more talented so I would make her proud. But , all I can do is just try to do my best.  I have always thought that when God finds us friends - they are the best. :) And that includes our virtual blog families - I think they are a blessing for each of us. We share with each other and build on that.

They offered snacks at the end of the meeting. Lynne brought meatballs and bar-b-q sauce with tooth picks to stab them with. They disappeared fast. My favorite was these Monster Grapes that were split in half and in yogurt. Yummy! Wish I had that "Grape vine"!  Just a half of of filled my mouth-so you can imagine how large they were.

So you can see it was a lovely afternoon spent with a very talented group of ladies and that is always a treat to see talent come to life.
love to all!


  1. What fun you are having!
    Blogger was down all over the world was horrible.
    OMG those grapes sound yummy.

  2. What fun you'll have with that fabric. I'm in an ugly quilt challenge too. We will have to inspire each other to keep going on it.