Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday - Granddaughter

What a day - one of those days when plans go Haywire!  I had started out doing morning chores and hoping-well you know how the "best laid plans often go astray"! Well that seems to be the Norm for me.

DH  came out and while I was good and dirty we tried to figure out where to plant the raspberries and the blueberry plants that we got on sale yesterday. We looked and looked for a good place and ran into complications where we have soooo many 'Walnut trees" and there are so many things that you cannot grow under walnut trees! It took quiet a while to figure that dilemma out! By then it was very warm and I was very dirty and we came in the house to cool off-then decided that we were hungry. I wanted a salad so I went out to the garden and I cut spinach and a few little scallions. I was so proud to be able to have them fresh! While I was cutting one of DH's friends dropped by and while I munched on salad they took off to look at something? Then I headed to the shower and was so tired when DH returned I rested in my chair. I was so tired .

After I go out and work and then come back in that Mean old Fibromyalgia really tries to put the "Pain moves" on me and that steals a lot of my joy. But , I finally drug out of my chair and headed to the dishes. As I was finishing that and we intended going to our oldest son's house for our granddaughter's birthday -but two of their friends stopped for a visit. It was nice to see them and catch up. When they left at dark I was ready to give up birthday plans - but the kids moved the birthday celebrations up to our house. This is the cake that my #1 daughter-in-law had made because granddaughter wanted something to do with cows and this was the closest she could find.

So we all jumped in and got sweetened up and were all fat and sassy. I loved this cake and the cute cows were on the top. Dainelle asked me if I knew what she would like to have for her birthday and I say no - what ? She wanted a dove- so we took the flashlight and went out to the dove house and she picked out the one she wanted. ( She needed me to  help her sway over her Dad as he could not turn down a "birthday present"! ( Yea, I know we are naughty. ) :)  ( WELLLLLLLL - he was naughty as a youngest - it is time for pay-backs"! : )

So the day ends and the "birthday girl" turns the big 15. It is hard to believe that time flys this fast by.

SO maybe tomorrow I will get the house a path made through  and the doggies need their bath and the sewing room needs the cat box cleaned - and - well you know how it is .
So , love to each of you and take time to be happy.


  1. I am tried just reading your post. What a day.
    Looks like your GD had a lovely time.