Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Days gone awray Awry

You know how it is when you think you are so smart and have your day planned- and then flump! Change of plans.

I started out sleeping too late- what is it with these human bodies that need sleep and nourishment.? If only we did not need these items I would be so much more happy because I could get twice as much accomplished and save some money too!But until I figure that part out - I still have to have some of both.

After we ate I did chores and we headed to the mill for foods. Back to the house and thinking that I might just get to get everything caught up and go to bed at a decent hour so I would be ready for my doctor appointment tomorrow. Wrong answer. As I was munching on a green pepper and cream cheese sandwich some of our kids arrived to work on a car and the grandbaby was ready , willing and able to play.

By the time the day had ended DDL had succumbed to a quick nap with me and baby on the floor on a quilt with baby sleeping on my tummy - (now I know what Tummies are really meant for)  Baby had fought the brave fight with Mr. Sandman -but he lost the battle. Of course I have discovered that the floor is a Lot harder than when I was in my 30's -OR in my 40's -Or even in my 50's. Talk about live and lean - At Any AGE!

They both got about a 30 minute nap before the guys came piling in and woke everybody up. I continued to sit in the floor until they got the baby ready to go home and while their heads were turned I very ungraciously used the chair to drag myself up out of the floor and pop down in it. Most "unlady - like"! LOL

Babies are just SOOOO much work and they are terribly hard on people who have back problems -whether they are in their twentys or in their sixties. But that little sweet smile can just light up the world for you - no  matter what age you are. :)

By then bedtime was shot anyway , but the next challenge was to be with the computer! Dumb thing -it has decided to just freeze up any time it wants to and no amount of choking the daylights out of it will make it behave itself!

But it appears that my guardian angel has helped me persevere and I have completed my projects. Two more mug rugs tht will be for someone who loves kitties.  On this project I used a piece of fleece for the batting again and I really liked it. My Dear Maria, from Life on the Block -   had reminded me that I could use a walking foot and that helped save my hide on the quilting process! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All  help appreciated!

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  1. I totally feel your pain about getting up out of the floor! lol Love the kitty mug rug! You seem to be getting a lot done!