Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of Kilter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does my world like to get SO out of kilter at times???? Sometimes I wish I could just be one of my chickens because chickens are like me and seem to appreciate a little "order" in their lives. Except for the little problem about EVERYTHING in the world seems to like to EAT chicken-that is the one major problem that chickens have! :)

Take today for example-we had got up early and I did all my chores . Then we headed out of W.VA. for DH to help his brother in law fix his truck. They did good until the last little part was broken . They went to town to the local auto parts stores and none of them had the part in stock and they had to order it.Be there first thing in the morning.

DH suggests we stay overnight -get the part first thing -finish the truck and be on our way. Now I know that life Usually throws curve balls and I could see all kind of things that could go wrong - plus I have my critters to take care of and I did not want to endanger any of them - so I begged to come home. We did and will go back in the morning . We had  a pouring down rain and our creek was getting up a little . It felt so good to be home . I ran out and did evening chores and am now tying up loose ends that are important to me. I hate that feeling of being turned upside down. I emailed my counselor to cancel my meeting tomorrow -so that way DH will not feel pushed to get us back in Virginia in time for my session. and IF something should go wrong then I will not have to worry about wasting my counselor's time.

Complications, complications!

O! You might get a laugh out of this. ! My sister-in-law showed me a pair of shorts I had made her for Christmas and I had sewn one of the pockets in BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL - Now that was the first time for that!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  1. Glad you got home to tend to the critters!
    And well done on finding out you sewed a pocket on upside down! At least the shorts were 'unique' eh!

  2. Oh Linda..your story was just too funny...lol hugs, Char