Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Emmetts and a chicken mug rug

We had company today and I learned a wonderful lesson. Watching my youngest son with his baby I wish all babies could be welcomed into the world and be endowed with the love and patience of a good father. I always said that God gave me boy babies to show me that there are good men in our world.

One time little Emmett took a small catnap and it was so funny. He did not fight with his Dad at all. It was more like a game-he was so tired and had those little heavy eye lids and he would watch his Dad and when Dad would turn his head - baby would close his eyes -until finally he was gone . It was so cute. It is little moments like these that really make your heart sing.

After all were gone and dishes washed I did manage to finish my chicken mug rug.

These little mug rugs really amaze me -how you can take a few scraps of fabric and turn them into a small work of art.


  1. Awwwww, darling baby.
    You are making a lot of mug rugs there girl!

  2. I love seeing your boy with his boy. Gorgeous photo.