Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fishing Mug Rugs

O Gosh, another day that has "run away". I wish so badly that they would "SLOW DOWN" -even if just a tiny bit.

I managed to get us fed this morning and clean up and head outdoors to do chores. For some reason it took longer than I intended and DH had to holler at me to come get ready to go see the doctor. I HAD to have a shower because I was covered in crud!  Seems that  I can do nothing as quickly as I used to, but I did manage to get the shower and ready to go on time.

We boogied to town and got there a tad early.I was so glad to have made it early and it was soon that they called my name. I Really liked the young nurse that took all of my information. Then I settled down to wait and eyeballed a magazine -but I thought , "no, if I do she will come through the door and I will just have to put it up". LOL WRONG - an hour and a half later I finally reached for the magazine and read it from cover to cover. By now I was fretting because I had my counseling appointment within the next 45 minutes and I did not want to be late for that. I think that is what saves what little sanity that I have left. My own personal angel .

I Really love this young lady doctor and I am SO grateful to have her. I was just there for a re-check and I asked her to check my right ear. It felt like there was something in it. Turned out there are a LOT of questions to figure out how that affects you???? She had a young student with her and with both of them looking in my ears I felt like a foghorn! LOL  Then she did some kind of eye test and she asked him IF he saw that bleep? Of course that got my curiosity going ? It turned out that I have some kind of Virus in my ear and it shows up in your eyes???  No medicine for that because there was nothing that medicine could do for a virus except drink lots of fluids . She did give me a prescription for that infection in my teeth because they said that it would be September before I could be seen????  My thyroid test showed good this time - did you know that a thyroid problem can contribute to a cholesterol problem? I did not - so I learned something new. :)

Made it to counseling just a few minutes late- I hated it , but we only had 15 minutes to get there and we could not risk getting a speeding ticket. I was SOOOOOO glad to see Andrea - she is the rock that I cling to when times get hard. She is so knowledgeable and gives me insights that would burden an average friend. It is getting to be my belief that friends have enough problems of their own and If I can contribute to shining light and happiness into their life that I am doing a good thing. There is plenty of darkness and sadness and violence in our world without me adding to it.

Then we headed for home  and I did all the evening chores trying to get a step ahead by doing some morning chores also because tomorrow Lynne and I are going on the Quilt Ralley! Yea! New fabrics to see and touch and imagine what you could do with it. :)

So, I ended my day by completing another set of the fish. These two I also used the fleece as the batting . I am not for sure which colors I like the best ? After they are finished I LIKE them ALL! LOL  Sometimes as I study them , it amazes me how you can transform flat pieces of fabric into articles that seem to have a life of their own. :)

So I bid you farewell for now and hope you have had a wonderful day of new adventures.:)

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