Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This sunflower fabric was what I had made those sunflower place mats from that will be for my first daughter-in-law for Christmas. So, I thought I would make use of the left over pieces.

But then it started getting late on me , so I went out and locked up the Chickens and even squeezed in a short walk. While walking up the hill I noticed this flower on the ground , and right away I knew what it was because there is a story that informed me. LOL

I had wanted a PawPaw tree and finally located one at a flea market about 6 years ago. I carried my treasure home and planted it right at the pond so that nobody would run over this treasure. Then I watched it slowly grow for 4 years.One day as I studied the leaves I took one in the house and looked it up online as I held the leaf in my hand.

I discovered it was called either a Popular -or - a Tulip Tree. I was so disappointed that my treasure was not what I had intended it be. Then DH rubbed salt in the wound by saying , "those things grow wild all over the place". I had been suckered when someone had put a different tag on the tree.  This particular flower came from one along our walk. Of course it grows WAY took big for where it is at right now because of the power lines and the phone lines . I do not know what hubby will decide to do about it because he is thinking about it , maybe?

It has a very amazing bloom , as this shows.If it were a flower on the ground I think it would amaze people -but since it is a green bloom on a green tree - it does hardly show up at all.

After all the excitement I made it back to the house and worked on the "sunflowers". This is one of them and I do not like it at all. I guess I just blowed it.:(

I guess that is what I get for getting in a hurry.

This was the second one and I do not like it either. Talk about live and learn. Part of the problem is that I got my seams crooked and that happened because I changed from the one quarter inch foot to a zig zag foot -thinking I could see better - but I was wrong. Talk about live and learn! Well, it was not wasted because at least I did learn a lesson along the way and that is a good thing. :)

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  1. What a really lovely flower! Green flowers are amazing and that one is very intricate with lots of detail.
    Whoops on the sewing.