Sunday, May 15, 2011

Born to Run and Socks

I picked my striped end strips -hoping that would look more masculine-considering  this will be a gift for a male.Plus, I was hoping that it would help me with my straight lines.

Well, so far - so good. It almost looks naked at this stage . ..................................................................

Well,  as you can see- I sure did not manage to keep this one straight. It just took off any way it wanted to. Of course this was a different experiment because for the stuffing I used a wore out sock. It was one of those tube socks and I cut the top off and then squared up the foot part. LOL 

The reason this came to mind to try was because a "life-time" ago when DH's grandmother passed away they gave us one of her very wore out quilts. But I was thrilled to have it-it served as a reminder of all of her hard work that she put into it in order to provide for her family.

It is quiet fragil - gosh I bet it was made in 20's so it has a reason to be very tired. But as I sat studying it one time something caught my eye. I gently peeled back on of the squares and low and behold the batting was one full size piece of sewed together socks! Talk about not wasting anything! I believe that she was "green" before "green" was in style. Or that old saying , "what was old- is new again"! :)

I believe that there are many amazing stories in each of our past histories - if only we had a way to retrieve them. Women all along our history have paved the way for their families to be provided for.

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  1. WEll I never! Old socks eh?
    Worth a try I do believe.
    Well done.