Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilting Connection Shop

DH went early this morning to mow for our sons and work on that truck for the young one whose back is still causing such terrible pain. SOOOOO, today I have had the day all to myself and I have worked like a Trojan . I spent half of the day working out doors and half of the day moving my flowers outdoors and cleaning one little corner on the mud room. It was a disaster and I am still not finished - I just ran out of "steam". My "want to " and my "can do" seem to be two different things. :(  I gave up and took a pain pill so maybe I can get a second wind?

So, back to the Quilt Shop Rally. this little guy was sitting on a table right at the check out counter and I thought he was Adorable! There is a pattern right there beside him and I picked it up and almost got it, but at the last moment I noticed that it was not the same pattern as he was. It is amazing how such little things make a Big difference. Their eyes were different and their beaks are different and even their tummies. Plus, you were suppose to use wool -although one of the ladies told me to go to the Thrift Shop and just pick out a wool skirt and use that . I thought that was a wonderful idea- I would never have thought of that on my own.
He made me think of the little bird that Sue from Charlotte's Cottage gave me for Christmas. I am always amazed at how many fabric artistes there are in the wonderful world of thread and needles. :)

This is the little table he was stationed at and the different pattern in the center. That little blue piece in the center is another pincushion.

A display set up in the center of the room and those are Big beautiful windows allowing all that beautiful to stream in and make it so bright and cheerful and also makes it easier to see. I considered myself so very blessed to be allowed to spend time with a friend and also enjoy the fruits of other very talented ladies!

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  1. You have been very busy outdoors Linda.
    Oh I just love both owls. They look very cute.