Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Warning This afternoon?

This day has certainly been a day of mixtures. When I got up and was doing my chores it started to rain and it rained hard. I was already finished the outdoor chores and had made it to the birdroom so I was out of the weather by now. But I had taken a wand with me for the vacuum cleaner out there. I had to sweep first to pick up all the cedar chips so it would not stop up the shop vac. Then I was using it to pick up all the seed scattered all over the floor . DH had gone to get the part that they had ordered for youngest son's truck and when DH popped through the door while I was in deep contemplation - I almost jumped out of my skin. He wanted me to come to the house to visit with our oldest son who was with him and I just wanted to finish what I had started because I was already a mess and I did not want to go take a shower and then come back out and have to take a second shower. So , I kept plugging along - I was not far from my goal and he came back again. Since he was being so persistent I did go out the door , but I picked up  a bag that I had hanging on the door which had my fresh loaf of bread that I had brought with me to take to his shop where our slicer was set up . I got it all sliced nice and neat and was heading to the house when I met him coming back after me again! I was so glad that I was heading in the right direction -to satisfy DH. LOL

I did get my shower and visited with DS and they left later when the call came in that their part was ready for them. When they left the sun had come out and it was beautiful . I came in and did several loads of laundry and dishes , ect.

By now it was afternoon and as I sat down to munch on a peanut butter sandwich and watch the news - they announced a tornado warning until 10 pm tonight???????????? After our last tornado visit about 10 miles up the road - I do not like to hear that ? So, I strolled out on the front porch to take a look at the sky. It was a murky solid light gray? No wind even blowing -if this is something new in our lives I need some knowledge on it. But this is a picture of my pond - lol - can hardly see it now on the porch for all of the greenery. I love the two birdhouses that my brother -in-law made for us and that is why I put them right where I could see them and watch the activity. :)  And remember the kindness of a family.

As I got busy on the porch my mind kind of forgot about the danger?: This is a forsythia that our youngest son and his wife  gave  me for  Mother's Day . I just dearly love it!

This beautiful green plant in the center is a pineapple sage and if you like pineapple I wish you could just smell it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells just like a fresh cut pineapple . I got it in North Carolina at a nursery and I put it on the porch with the hopes that if any of us walked past it and brushed against it -we would have this wonderful fragrance to enjoy.

The smaller plant back here in the clay colored pot is a STEVIA - I am so thrilled to find it I can hardly contain myself. Stevia is a natural sweetner with no harmful side affects. Years ago when I first discovered it the government actually sent police into the natural food stores and confiscated all of it as an illegal drug! So, for years I could not enjoy it . But after I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of diabetics I knew I had to search for my friend once again. I found a place online where I could order it and I used it in all of my drinks.

But then my Tenn. e-sister sent me a sample off of her plant and I discovered I could just put a few leaves with the tea when it was brewing and I had wonderful sweet tea  - all in one step and with no danger to  the diabetics . Using this I have kept my blood sugar down to  almost normal for the past ten years. So, I say - thank you  so much to my stevia! :)

As I am coming back from the porch I check on my little tomato plant and can see that I will have a dish of fresh fried green tomatoes sometime soon in my future. Of course I will have to hold DH off with a switch  until I get them fried. He Loves these little green treasures! LOL I checked on my strawberry bed and actually found 4 to eat. My VERY FIRST ones of the year and it is not looking very positive because I threw out a handful that were not ripe -but had rotted due to all this RAIN!!!!!  I peeked in the other little garden and the little row of spinach that DH had planted is up and about 3 inches tall - I think I smell a salad for me and a treat for my canary soon! UMMMMM!

Well, I locked everything up that I can think of and it is hard to keep my eyes off of the clouds. It is very dark and ominous looking. But while I am writing this  I can see out my window and  the little hummingbird is outside drinking from the feeder. That is enough to put a smile on my face and a song on my heart. :)


  1. We have masses of rain here too!
    Love the photos of your garden.

  2. your plant is a fushia