Saturday, May 21, 2011

A neat quilt that I saw at the first shop.

This was one of the quilts that they had hanging around the business. I was trying to get close enough to be able to read the writing , because that is what makes it really special. The red one says :Delight in the beauty that surrounds you.
The blue one says Cherish time together!

This one says giving grows the heart . The yellow one says Happiness is a grateful spirit , an optimistic attitude  and a heart full of Love.

The blue one says" Happiness is finding the song in your heart. But I cannot make out what the red one says - something about friends.  So, that was why I loved this quilt - it seemed to resinate with things that are most important to me. :)

This little nook was where everybody checked out . That is a Santa wall hanging with Christmas fabric below it.

 I am so Pooped because I worked outdoors most of the day -just taking a break long enough to have lunch. I finally figured out how to fix hash browns like McDonalds makes. I just washed and peeled and then Shredded the potatoe and plopped it in the pan on medium heat and used the spatula to pat it out to fill the pan and let it cook slowly while I fixed a blueberry waffle to go with it.

Then back outdoors and started work on my pigeon run. DH had a friend give him some scrape lumber and he had stored it in  my old rabbit house- so I went to "raid him"!  But it was piled together and the nails were dug in to the next layer below it . I tried pulling and tugging but I was not having much luck until finally One piece  began to move . I got it drug to the back of the building and it was SOOOOOOOOOO heavy that I went to ask DH for his help. He must have known I was desperate because I asked him to go get his tractor and pull this piece up to where I was working-which he did.  Then we had to go back for two more pieces and heave it up on the top of the run for a roof. Boy, it was heavy - it took All of my strength to lift it up that high. We both were dripping wet with sweat , but we got it up there. Then he went to load the tractor up so he can go to our sons in the morning and mow for them and he is also going to help the youngest put a clutch in his truck.

My back is going to upset with me in the morning. I had to take some wire and "SEW" the chain link fence to the top of the run because it had gotten messed up. That sewing with "wire" is not my favorite sewing! Then I went to pull the guinea pigs some fresh greens and I did that by checking my flower beds and pulling all the weeds that were trying to take over with all this rain.The guinea pigs are happy and my flowers are happy. That is a "win-win" situation to me! :)


  1. Me & you both have worked outside all day! Whew! I know how you feel. I worked after dark trying to catch up. That bath sure felt good! I hope we don't pay for it tomorrow!

  2. Yes, it is me again! I meant to tell you how I have enjoyed your post on the quilt stores. I LOVE that quilt that you show here at the top. I am like you. I love what all it says.