Friday, May 20, 2011

O Be Still, My Beating Heart! :)

What a truly magical day today was! Lynne took me with her on the Quilt Ralley!  As we were on our way about 45miles into our trip and I spotted this little "bug" at a business. Now, I have a "thing" for bugs and as my eyeballs popped out of my head Lynne noticed and even turned around and took me back to snap a picture. The cute thing about this is the writing on the doors advertising the business was Rodney's Auto Towing - AND - that is Lynne's husband's name! I had to laugh -it was like a "sign" that we were about to have a grand day!

This was the second little "bug" advertising their business and you can almost tell that these guys are up high-above the car that we are in. I was in love! and so grateful to Lynne for the pictures!There is nothing like a good friend. :)

This was our first stop at a place called Quilting Connection and I am madly in love with the floor in this shop.  We learned that they are moving into a building right beside of them - kinda a fancy building with wrap around porches -but - I LOVE this store!!!!!!!!!!

This was one project I ran across - a placemat in the shape of a leaf and the end of the twig is folded back to hole silverware.

The orange is the leaf and they free sewed on the veins of the leaf and at the end there where the twig was that was where they put a strap to hold your napkins!

I think I will end with this as I am POOPED! But, I have more to share and never know when something you have seen will "light a fire" in someone else's life!  I wish everybody could have had as wonderful day as I have - thanks to my friend , Lynne! Aren't friends the greatest! I am really counting my blessings!:)

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  1. Looks like you had a great day. Love those cars...I drive a VW but sadly it's not a cute little bug.