Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Here Already?

Well, my crew was up and at it early this morning and after morning chores I went in to fix us something to eat. I fixed biscuits for us and I had strawberries with them and DH had eggs with his. Then we decided that we must go to town He needed a new pair of shoes because his was "blown - out" all over. They were really pitiful.I told him they would cost him 45.00, but he would not believe me. He still lives in the 10.00 life. He had to see it himself and then he left and after looking in town and seeing nothing he liked he went back to the same store (because he has two other pair of this brand and style and knew they would not hurt his feet.). He was lucky as they had taken 5.00 off. Every five dollars counts.

Then I hit the fruit stand and got strawberries and canalopes and our first watermelon of the year. I was just Dieing for fruit of any kind.

We boogied on home and I had sewing on my mind-but -Surprise ! - our youngest son and his wife and 6 month old baby were there working on their vehicle. Of course Emmett was having trouble doing anything that requires bending because of his back. Those two more slipped discs are giving him so much pain. Meagan was beautiful and the baby is so precious. He is really alert and watching everything and his little facial expressions are priceless.His Mom has a bad back too -so it is a challenge. We all took turns passing him around for awhile and then I got a quilt and put him down on it. He held his little head up better than I can and he was trying so hard to crawl - and ended up going in circles pushing with one leg more than the other one. His PawPaw came in and laid down on the quilt with him and they had a good romp. Baby Emmett tugged and pulled until he got Pawpaw's watch off to play with.

After they left I grabbed up my project and experimented with the "quilting technique". I had a heart design in mind. Not having a clue as to how it would work out - I just went with the flow-since there are no mistakes with these fun mug rugs. :)

It was a fun experiment -so since I was having so much fun I decided to try something different on the second one?

It makes me think of looking out a window onto the flowers. . Either way I like them both and it was fun just to be creative. :)

I just wanted to wish Every Mom a Happy Mother's Day!
Love to all


  1. Linda baby Emmett is just so gorgeous. They do grow up so fast.
    My you are doing so well with your quilting. The hearts look good.

    Have a great Mothers Day

  2. I think both mug rugs are lovely.
    Emmett is too cute!