Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Have you noticed that each day is a little slice of our history? Then each day has a little twisty , turney path it takes.Sometimes up one hill -or - down another.
When my DH was a little boy one day his Mama went down to the little unfinished basement to get something -but her attention was diverted by a little container with beautiful flowers in it. She had never seen this before so she asked DH if he knew where they came from?

He said, yes- that he had picked them from a neighbor's flowers. She told him that it was wrong to steal and she marched him right over to the neighbor's to apologize to her. She listened to him and then told his Mama - do not punish that child. IF he cared enough to place them in water -then she did not mind at all to share with him.

So, today my DH raided my flowers and brought the bouquet to me for Mother's Day. I gathered up supplies to put them in water and I thought of his history with flowers. It is hard to be upset with someone who raids your flowers when it is done out of love.

This was the start of them and you know how much I LOVE this iris -so for a minute it was the "STAR" of the show.

Then it ended up looking like this.Pooh it just does not show up in this picture. Me and this camera have an on again - off again relationship. :)

My next adventure was to pull out some more of my treasures -searching for what my next mug rug will be??

Sometimes deciding who will go with  what can be the hardest part of the  project?????

But then the day took a different turn as the kids showed up. This is our grandson , baby Emmett and this young man is James -the guardian angel to DH and I . He is the one who gave up his every Sunday through the Winter to come and cut our firewood and haul it in. He is an angel indeed in my book.

Bad picture of our youngest son with his Baby Emmett.

A terrible picture of our lovely #2 daughter-in-law. She is so lovely with her jet black hair. I am so very blessed to have these young people in my life - and maybe one of these days I will end up with a camera that takes better pictures.:)
Emmett spoiled me - he brought me two beautiful fuchsias and a box of candy. I could not help myself from getting into the candy . There was a pocket with chocolate covered nuts and when my greedy little hand went visiting there - it slipped through my fingers because the hot sun had melted the chocolate. LOL I had a box of "Liquid chocolates"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bet you have never had that flavor before! LOL

So, Happy Mother's Day to All ! And to all a Good Night!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. It was thoughtful of your DH to give you flowers.
    How wonderful to have the family visit.
    I am pleased you had a great day.

    I think you are now hooked on quilting.

  2. I like my chocolate any way at all... and yes, I've had melted chocolate too!
    Baby Emmett is adorable... as all babies are.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my chickens. Looks like we have something in common, the chicken mug rug will be adorable. There sure are some cute chicken fabrics available, I've been collecting them for several years. cute baby!