Monday, May 16, 2011

Born to Run and Pups

Well, I had Mr. Bandit in the "sewing chair" today as inspector.  He looks a little unforsure  about this next project, to be honest I feel that way a lot as I shove off into unknown project orders.

But this was later in the day as I had to go to the hospital for blood work first thing this morning and it seemed to turn into an all day marathon-just the kind of day that I do not enjoy.

Towards the middle of the day I did get to see our youngest grandson - a whole 6 months old. I even got to feed him and got some good burps out so his tummy would be happier. His Dad is still in so much pain with his back. I am beginning to think that doctors are not worth two cents anymore.And not just for him - one of his friends Dad had something happen and his body just froze up and he could not get out of bed. His wife took him to the hospital (the same hospital that refused to treat Emmett) and they checked him over and said there was Nothing wrong with him?The next day she took him to a different doctor and they said it was bursitis and gave him a shot of cortisol in his shoulder? I have had bursitis for the past 10 years and it has terrible pain - but it does not freeze my body up?????????????? And these people get PAID to do these things. Even my #2 daughter-in-law told me today about a friend who had an upset tummy and went to this same hospital and they wanted to do surgery on him right then-but - his wife took him to a different doctor the next day and it was that thing were you are allergic to milk. Took him off of milk and he is 100% now.????

Well, enough of my "rant" for the day. Got to see our oldest son today and he is at home - he made it out of that same hospital alive and it only took doing the same surgery over 3 times to finally get it right? I hope?

I finally made it home and as I was explaining it all to Snowball - it just plum wore him out! Too much bad news is hard on anybody.

But after a nap and a bath he was ready to try again!

But eventually I got my ducks in a row and worked on this mug rug which will be for a male gift. This one also had an experiement - for the batting I used a left over piece of felt?????

And I think I like it very much. I also played around with the 'quilting " part -this time only using a diagonal stitch-making it appear to be on the move. I know I sure have been on the move!

After we got home today there was a message from one of DH's doctors and they had made him an appointment with out us asking?????? Of course I am unprepared and had not set that 50.00 from our month's bills????????????  Complicated , complicated ??????  I just cannot seem to find that nice peaceful life that I yearn for.Maybe everybody has this problem. It's like we signed up for a college course  in life and all I wanted was a high school course??? :)

They are calling for lots of rain for us  in the next  2 days? So, I will just have to wait and see how it goes.
Love to all!

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  1. Gee I wish Snowball was here.. he would make beautiful babies with our Coco!
    I hope your son is OK now.
    Love the mug rug.