Saturday, April 30, 2011

I had the bright idea that I would get a little work accomplished this morning , so right after we ate I headed off to the "magic room" where I started on a poultry mug rug. I knew I could do a better job - or at least have a better mind if I did this before I got exhausted from doing everything else first. I started by matching up the frame work to the green in the pictures.

I had got this much accomplished when DH came and hollered at me to come there .He had actually moved a big pile of flu blocks that I had wanted moved for the last 5 years ! YEA! But there were a few of my pieces of flower pots that he wanted to know what to do with. I scooped all of them up because I would soon be needing them. While I was out I went to do all my outside chores and we both did odds and ends of work that needed to be done.

Since he was in a mood to clean -we went up under the front porch where he had throwed all of my treasures out from under the basement LAST year when he put a box for our outdoor woodstove . Thank goodness most of them were just flower pots again.I was so pleased to get that job accomplished and to have help was a gift from heaven.: ) By now I was pouring sweat and we both were hungry so we took a break. I took cream of celery soup and added a can of tuna to it and we had that. DH always has his over toast and I have mine over chowmein noodles.

By the time I had finished eating I was already getting stiff.. But I shuffled off to the kitchen to work on dirty dishes. I could sure use a dirty dish fairy to help me keep up with them. I knew I was getting tired so I finished and headed back to the "magic room" - hoping to be blessed with a little magic .

I managed to make my fabric sandwichs and add the batting -ready to make my sandwich mug rug.

This first one I worked on I have outlined the birds -just to see which effect I like the best. I like these because you can just "Sample" what ever pops in your mind. : )

Then I outlined the frames that seem to hold each little picture. I discovered when you worked on a project with this technique that you can really use up a lot of time . I think it took me an hour just to do this part. But, this was more about the experience than it was a hurry up and finish project.  I really do like "instant success" -but I was just experimenting. : )

By now my back was hurting , so I stepped out on the front porch and got to have a conversation with Yukon as he was passing by with the sheep.  He is their protector . I love his big "rabbet ears.

I headed back into the sewing room - only to discover that Miss Rosie had "closed up shop " for the day . A lot of the time she had better sense than I do. LOL

So, I bid you all good night and hope you have had a lovely day . :)

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  1. OOO your mugs rugs are just lovely. My Mum loves chooks!