Monday, May 2, 2011

A : Columbine Beauty

Nothing like a beautiful gift from our Father to always bring a smile to my face the very first thing. What a gift to pump up your attitude the very first thing - kinda like taking a vitamin pill. It even let's my mind function better and helps me see my day more clearly and gratefully.

It was really nice to go out and do morning chores on such a perfect day. Lots of fresh air and wonderful smells.DH was gone to go  help our oldest son who is in pure misery after having surgery over a week ago and catching some kind of flu at the same time. I think it has been too long for him to suffer-running a fever and everything.But, that is just a "MOM'S" opinion.

When I went to let the chooks out -Miss Harmony was one of the first ones out the door in her search for the perfect breakfast. I have not had her but about 3 weeks.DH's brother brought his grandson to hunt one Sat. and he brought her to me. He lives in a small town and he had saved her from a dog that had attacked her around his house. They nursed her back to health and figured she was lonely and would enjoy some "chicken-company" and I do believe they were right. His brother's name is Harmon -but since she is a lady  I went with Harmony -so as not to insult her. :)

Of course Miss Dixie Doodles made the trek Along with me . Wonderful company.That is the good thing about having a "crew of furbabies". If one gets tired of putting up with you - someone else is aways ready to take on that responsibility

.I finally got it all accomplished and headed into the quiet of the "magic room". I had actually cut this one out already and went ahead and sewed it all up -then I investigated a DIFFERENT  quilting stitch from the one I did before this one -but I Really think I like this one. Amazing how much a different quilting stitch changes out the basic mug rug. I have got a different idea for my next one I do- it is just fun to watch them unfold and take on their own personality. :)


  1. Miss Harmony is so cute. I'm down to only one chicken here. Eggs are getting hard to get!

  2. I always love hearing about your day. Love seeing your pics! And I LOVE that mug rug! Thanks for the sweet comments for Sweet teens bday!

  3. OOO I look forward to seeing your next mug rug.