Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apron Question?

This was one of the quilt displays that was at the sewing shop.I do not quilt - but I love to admire the work of other fabric artists.To me that is one of the great gifts that our world offers! And to me to stop and think about how Mothers and Grandmothers in our history made quilts to keep their families warm- and even the fabrics that they used to make it all possible, like my DH's grandmother who sewed wore out sock tops and used that for batting . To me these ladies are saints ! And their work carries with it the essence of them - the brave and talented !

It was another hot day, but that was alright with me. I did my animal chores in the morning so they were ready for their day.Then fed DH and I - and cleaned up my mess and went back outdoors to work on some of the garden. The weeds are tying to take over-but not if I have my way!

Back in the house for laundry and lunch.I fed chili beans to DH and I had a garden , fresh from the garden .Another mess to clean up! We humans are sure a messy bunch! LOL It is so hot around here that some of the schools are closing early tomorrow. That will make for some happy kids. : )

I am still trying to figure out which sewing project I want to tackle next. I REALLY need a new apron, but the typical kind that runs a string around your neck - really causes me a lot of pain - due to my firbromyalgia. I can remember back in my grandparents day that there was an apron that the neck strings went down to meet the waist ties, and did not cut into the back of your neck. Do you guys remember anything like that?

Love to all!


  1. I know just what you are saying. I hate the ones with the tie that goes around your neck... I too find that it hurts.

    Can you not just make one up as you go? I made an apron for Brylee to wear recently at school for 'Victorian Dress' day... it was so easy!
    You make an ordinary apron... but have the 'skirt' bit go around your back a bit... run the 'ties' up the front of the bib and down to meet the back of the 'skirt' bit and sew them onto the top of the 'skirt' bit'. And have ties at the back that ties the skirt bit together. Does that make sense? I know... probably sounds like jibberish.

    Or look up Aprons on google... victorian aprons.

  2. I just 'googled' victorian aprons... it's just what you want!!!! Go google it !