Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wild Husband

Let's just say that my DH has decided to outgrow his work pants. I set the buttons Over First-hoping for an easy fix. But after a day of grazing  that little step  was just that -Too Easy.

He had been watching old cowboy movies and noticed that some of the  farmers  wore suspenders . I had even bought him some  suspenders-but the snaps on them wore out too quickly. I had even replaced them once and  just the clamps cost almost as much as  the suspenders.

SOOOO this  time  he wanted me to attempt what he saw on tv -which was  a style that looked like a cut out V--not that it was made this way , but he thought that would give  him some breathing room. WRONG- after too many bowls of beans and potato salad !

SOOOO, I did as he asked and put the V in the very back and then satin stitched all around it and it looked passable to work in. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT - no they still were too tight- so HE took them to the sewing room and snatched my  most sharp pair of scissors that my friend , June had given me- the ONLY pair that is nice and sharp - and he had a try at how he wanted them!

I heard him say-OPPS- and this is the result..Needless to say -not much fun to try to customize. I did straighten them out a little and ran a satin stitch all around it AGAIN and double zizzed it so the V would not pull out.

Thinking I was finished - I handed them over to him and YES  - he could get in them this time-BUT-  it was not over . Now that he could get in them -with his tummy full of food and  his butt too little to keep them  up - now they just fell  off around  his feet.

He went and got  a pair of the suspenders  and sure enough the clasp would not hold  - SO - he cuts the suspenders and freed the clasps. I pinned them in place onto the pants and satin stitched the suspenders ONTO the Pants Exactly where he had told me too. Now , he says the suspenders are too tight- I politely pointed out that he was the one that put them on and showed me EXACTLY where he wanted everything placed.

He eventually peeled out of them and took a power-nap -after which -he was now HUNGRY once again and again he raided the kitchen and now he is padding around in his skivvies , rubbing his tummy , which now looks like the whole watermelon instead of just half if it. SO, if any of  you think you have any problems with food - you are not alone!

So now that Mr. Naked is occupied else where I start to pick out pieces for the next mug rug. I have two sons and both have a motorcycle, so I think this might work for one or both of them. The striped piece is another piece from the scrapes Ruth had given me. I tried very carefully to follow the stripes and keep them straight.

But, I can tell it is going to give me trouble!


  1. This is the cutest post! MEN!!!

  2. Funny story Linda- You probably were not quite so amused by his attempts to make his pants grow- doesn't quite work the same as planting a small plant in the garden. Perhaps he could create a design that might work....:O)
    Have a good rest of the weekend.
    Warmest regards,