Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello Friday Evening Blog Family

Have you noticed that another week has just blown past us? I think it is sad that it has to go so fast.

But, at least I made time to enjoy the beauty . I had to laugh because Val on "Life's Little Garden" had just posted about her little Clematis also. There is a little saying that I enjoy that says ,"A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever".

After I got mine to finally live after years of trying -my friend got her one too. But mine quits blooming at the end of Spring and hers starts up then. I would definitely have more of them if Money was not a problem. :)

We did a lot of running today. You should have seen our little car- it was plum full from the bottom to the top. We had to get our feed and flour for this month and also pick up some things for our oldest son who was in the hospital today. I was good and ready to finally get home.

The feed is still in the vehicle as DH and I were running in different directions with evening chores. I wanted to pop in and check on my blog family .

But then I also jumped on picking out the colors for the next mug rug.This is two more small pieces that were given to me and I just wanted to see what I could turn it into.

Opps- someone is out in the driveway blowing. Darn!
Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Glad you had such a nice day~

  2. Pleased all went well today.
    More pretty flowers.Lucky you.