Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Boomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This design is called Yammy Cat and includes Helene's recipe for Maple Pecan Yams- - It might be Yammy - BUT - it sure sounds yummy to me!

This one is called Garden Patch Cats and it includes Helene's recipe for Creamed Mushroom canapes

I thought this little quilt was so cute and colorful!

This showed one more row down with the little bone and paw print.  I really enjoy the visit to this shop because they always have the neatest ideas to inspire you.

Boy, you talk about a thunder storm - we have had one for the last two hours. Thunder and Lightening like I don't remember before. It was more like the Fourth of July  light show. The wind and the hail and then just to show it was all powerful the electricity went off all of a sudden and the house was jet black . I had just sat one of my great-grandbabies down on the floor to watch him crawl and it scared me that he would take off and I would not know where he was or what he would get into. Gosh, talk about timing - but then the lights popped right back on as I had scooped him back up. That was a little bit too much excitement for me! :)

Our creek had got up trying to get out of its banks and I am hoping that it will not wash our road out again.I did get to take my afternoon walk and I got to see 3 of the prettiest deer in our pasture. It was such a treat to me because there was no "dumb hunter" around to destroy it for me. When something like this happens to always makes me feel like God made this "treat" just for me -from Him- to let me know that He is still watching over me and that I do matter in His eyes.
Love to All


  1. Take care of yourselves over there with all those storms. We see it on the TV and worry for you folks.

  2. Oh I love that little quilt. So sweet. So glad that you are safe with all those storms. I love to see those deer too. I think I am a camera hunter instead of a real hunter!!!! Where we hunt there is too many deer and they have to be culled out or it will not be good for them. Hope you have some clothes left!!! lol