Saturday, May 28, 2011

Greetings and Salutations Dear Blog Family

This was another of those original
projects at the shop. Kinda nifty. I really dig those silly chickens. They are "Quirky" like Me! LOL

I hope that you guys are not as Tired as I am! I am so POOPED!
We went back to North Carolina today for more gardening items. It turned out that a little town in between there was having a yard sale and traffic was backed up for a mile. I was so grateful to have air conditioning in our little vehicle. If not for that I would have been sick as a dog!

 We loaded up on treasures, tomatoes ,cantaloupes, watermelons, sweet potatoes - both red and white. I had never seen the white ones before -so we are trying both. The are the only place that had any of the Tenderett beans that we both like -they have no strings and are always nice and tender. DH got some butter beans and the hot banana peppers that he loves for me to stuff with hot dogs and can them. His Mom always made them for him and I like to see him injoy them. He will take the pepper and put it on a peanut butter sandwich and then just eat the dog . I got a beautiful blue grapevine to hopefully replace the one that had died.  I picked out some little fingers carrots because I have discovered that it takes a LOT of carrots IF you juice them. I have been reading that if you drink 3 glasses of carrot juice a day for two weeks and then go down to two and one - that it can really improve some people's eyes. I am having a LOT of trouble with my eyes so I am willing to try.

I had also read to take a candle and set it one and a half feet from your face while you are sitting . Take your index fingers and lift your eyelids and hold them while you star at the flame for 5 minutes -every other day for two weeks -take two weeks off -and repeat the pattern until you can tell that it has strengthened your eyes. I am trying that also -while HOPING!!!!!!!!!! :(

We went back to where I had picked up a pack of Bright Lights Chard before and of course they had sold all of it .( IF I would have ended up hating it - I bet they would have had plenty. ) I must remember this for next year! It is so beautiful that you could put it right in your flower bed with all of its lovely colors! But, they did have blueberry and raspberry plants on sale so I snatched up a few of them. They are beautiful  and they are one of my favorite fruits! I have never met a blueberry that I did not LOVE.

So, then we came on home and started working together and we actually made good progress. But we ran out of daylight, so tomorrow we will do the rest -I hope! After we had planted all of the tomato plants I had some old newspapers saved and DH's brother had given him some straw. So I put the newspapers down and then covered them with the straw! I am trying to defeat the WEEDS that usually over take the garden . It seems like it has always happened when we have a wet spell and you cannot get in the garden without sinking down and the weeds just have a party. SO NO PARTY for the weeds this year!

With the price of groceries here lately and us on a fixed income I am Really hoping this garden will save our hides!

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