Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greetings One and All

This was another one of the projects that The Sewing Studio was working on. I love that there are so many talented ladies and the chance to see what they are working on.

The heat here today has just drained me- I have no energy. I did get all my chores and when I went to the garden to get my salad I noticed that some of our plants were starting to wilt down very badly, so I put aside my salad and went and got a five gallon bucket of fish water and a cup and some newspapers and some straw. I would water each plant and the tear a newspaper so that I could slide it around the plant -like a collar.Then I covered it with straw , but it got to where I could not see the plants for the sweat running in my eyes. I did about 25 pants and that made them very happy, but I had to give up and the poor little pepper plants looked so bad.

I did finally get my salad and it was soooo good. Sitting down to rest was good and my eyes kept wanting to go closed. Dag Nab it!

I pulled out 3 of my patterns trying to get organized , but the sewing room was so hot I had to vacate to the living room where we have a little airconditioner and that helped so much. As my mind was in first gear - trying to decipher  which project I should tackle and what fabric I had and what I might change about each project - there went my eyeballs going closed again.  But I pryed them  back open and came in here to catch up with you guys.

I hope each of you has had a lovely day and I send my love to each of you!
Hugs - Granny


  1. I hope one of my girls goes over and waters my stuff while i am gone. Otherwise it will be dried up. I heard that it was 100 degrees today at home. Don't work too hard.

  2. It sure went from too cold to too hot fast in your neck of the woods.
    We get mosquitoes and flies here in summer too... and I hate them too.

  3. Good idea Linda to just sit in the cool.

  4. I hope it is cooled off in your sewing room. We girls need our creative spaces comfy. ;)