Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yellow Doggies

Each of these mug rugs has been like a separate lesson to me. Each one different and with its own qualities and experiences to learn from . As I had started on the inside on this one I ran into this same problem that I had run across many times before. It did not seem that no matter how hard I pulled to attempt to keep the fabric straight-it always wanted to bunch up near the end. :(

But , I have just learned a new lesson as I experimented with the next row of stitching. I had been completing one row of stitching , clipping all the threads and then going back to the top where I had sewed down before. BUT???????????? What if I started sewing down one direction and then up from the opposite direction-going up and down -INSTEAD - of down and down and down. ????? Well I experimented and it Helped tremendously with those puckers at the end of the rows! YEA!

So, this is the way this first one turned out. I had learned something new and that had to be good for me in many different ways! But being one to not be satisfied with my new information I plunged on to experiment with a second mug rug.

I had decided that it was amazing how much time you could pour into a project - even if it is a Small project so I decided to try not quiet so many stitches to see how that would turn out????? I really liked the looks of it and it feels like it will allow a drink to set on it without the danger of tipping over. But trying to decide which  one was the better completed project just left me wondering??????

I realized that I had not been paying attention to the fabric on the back. That was one reason I am enjoying these little projects because it is a little like abstract art - you are free to go where your creativity takes you. :)

I have discovered that the world of sewing has to offer an never ending list of projects to do and lessons to learn. I am very grateful to be allowed to share with you , my friends -AND - even more to see what path you go on and share with me your creativity.Instead of just one person searching for her way - we all combine to become a force to be reckoned  with .

It seems to be a funny thought to me that we all search and look for the perfect project with which to practice our creativity or tell someone how much we love them - sometimes the search seems to be the hardest part of the experience -BUT- if you look around your world at all the things made of fabric that we use every day of our lives - it is amazing that it is everywhere! So, talk about live and learn - I think that is something that we all do every day of our lives.

And yes , there are those projects that literally drive us to distraction - but even them -I believe are a good thing because they cause us to Push the limits of our world as we endeavor to create beautiful and - or - useful things. I know I am a terrible seamstress - but my desire is to tell the person I make something for that I do sew each stitch with love .

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  1. Well done Linda. Both Mug Rugs look great.
    Do you have a walking foot on your machine??? They really make going through the layers easier.