Sunday, April 17, 2011

John Deere Day

Hello Dear Friends,
It certainly was a beautiful day-weather was sunny with a slight breeze. It would be perfect if I had not hurt my back  and was back to playing the "pain game". I finally took a pain pill so I could go out and do the chores. James showed up and helped DH cut a truck load of wood for this week. I really do not know how we would have managed if not for the kindness of James giving up his Sundays to cut wood for us.DH's back is hurt too so he put on one of those back supports and took a pain pill to be able to help get the wood in. I think it was James who ran the chainsaw. He is good and strong-but it still scares me -afraid he might be hurt.

Then I got lucky and our oldest son Cory came up with his truck and trailer and picked up DH and his little tractor and borrowed our neighbor's tiller that works with the tractor. Then they all went to Cory's house and tilled him a garden space and Jimmy our handicapped friend that lives beside him. Jimmy had his first garden last year and he was so happy and enjoyed it so much.

While they were gone I found myself in a tizzy, I could not decide how to best use my time? Finally I did all the dishes and the laundry and then visited the sewing room. :)  It is Really difficult to find scatter rugs that are washable. A friend have given me some hand towels  that he had used to bowl with. I had the bright idea  to match two up and sew them together with a  piece of fleece in the center  and test them out for small scatter rugs -before I would risk  buying  fabric to make some kind of rugs.  I was rather shocked to discover out of All the towels -no two were the same size!  It was funny because a friend had asked me the other day what would be the best size to make some towels??? After this experience - I don't guess there is any particular size !

So I moved on and pulled out my "trash can stash" and spied this piece of John Deere fabric that I had made the John Deere ornaments from. Since DH is madly in love with his little John Deere that he got last fall -and this week will be his birthday  - I am hoping that I can find a way to be sneaky and make him a couple of John Deere Mug Rugs .  But you would know that I no longer than got the pieces cut out and ready to sew together than the fellows pulled into the yard. :(  Needless to say I had to throw everything together and hide it in a drawer so he would not see them.)

While I was running around like a "chicken with its head off" I happened to see little Miss Mocha in my bed wwith her little head on the pillow and she even had a sheet over her for cover. I thought that was the cutest ! Of course the camera is mad at me and the light is terrible - but I am still tickled to capture the moment. :)

Next I grabbed a piece of doggie fabric and decided this will be my next project and hopefully it throwed DH off . He is thinking about taking the tractor tomorrow to his brother's to till his garden and if he does then I am work on the John Deere mug rugs. Hope - hope - hope! : ()

Well, my back is complaining so I better go round up evening chores and see if I can get to bed at a reasonable time.
Love to all!

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