Monday, April 18, 2011

John Deere and Doggies

Another Perfectly Beautiful day! Sunshine and lovely temperatures !This kind of day is a real treat. I actually got to listen to the news tonight and they told stories of tornadoes ALL around us. I was stunned that there had been so many and in so many different counties. Even in North Carolina -with that one they had 22 deaths -so we are so very blessed.

After I got chores done this morning DH and I had a "brunch" since it was way past breakfast and just a tad before lunch. I fixed him his favorite treat - biscuits and he had a tomato he had picked up from the fruit stand Saturday. He has his with salt and pepper and Even though I know it is not good for me - I add sugar on my tomatoes because that was the way Mama fixed them for me when I was little - And- this always makes me think of Mama.

Then he left to go till his brother's garden and his granddaughter's . While I had this nice moment I headed to the sewing room INSTEAD of chasing the dirt .

 Then I realized that I had forgotten about DH's mug rugs for his birthday and I had better hop right on them while he is gone because he is like a hound dog on a trail. So this was the completed project. Then I went back to working on the doggies and just then I Heard the sound of a little tractor coming up the driveway where he had unloaded it and drove it through the creek coming home. Talk about timing being everthing!!  I was Almost busted!

I thought I needed a break so I walked out on the porch for some fresh air and to enjoy the pond and the beautiful blooms on the apple tree. What a treat.

And then talk about "Timing" being everything - these big spots are the rain splattering all over the place. Looks like he made it home - Just in Time. I fed him egg and cheese sandwiches and then I ran and fed the guinea pigs and gathered the eggs and headed back to the sewing room.

This is the completed doggie mug rugs and I think they are cute -even if they do have boo-boo's because I cannot see BLACK! I tried hard but I just cannot see on black.

These little mug rugs are just fun to work on.
I hope everybody has enjoyed a beautiful day.


  1. You sure had a wonderful day Linda. Your DH will love his birthday gift you made for him.

  2. You sure got a lot accomplished! Sweet Hunter tried to plow one of our gardens yesterday but it was too wet so didn't get much progress there. It suppose to rain tomorrow too so I am hoping we can try tonight. We will see. Your mug rugs are unreal! I LOVE them. You are really going to town on them. I know some are b-day gifts but are the others gifts too? And I asked the "honeymooners" if I could rent them out and they said...."after my house....NO!!!" They said my house was so dusty. Big Sis (Maranda) said my house was not messy, just dusty. I don't know why it is so dusty but it is. I would loan them to you if they would go. lol My house is still sparkling! It was truly a blessing! Tomatoes with sugar?? Never heard of that.