Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Did I Wash those Cushion Covers?

Well, I thought I was doing a good thing as I am still working on the front porch and was making some progress. I had come up with this bright idea to bring down a Large size tote and store my cushions in it. Trouble was that my eyes were smaller than my bright idea. All three of the cushions would not fit in the tote, only two would fit. Then I discovered that I had placed the tote in just the right place for the water to leak down into the tote where the lid was not quiet closed.So, when I pulled the cushions out and saw that they were wet and starting to mold I yanked the covers off that I had made only a brief time ago - a year or two , I can not remember.

Boy was that water pure black when I peeked in on them and I smiled thinking how nice it was going to be to have clean covers. That was UNTIL I pulled them out of the wash machine and took them outdoors to hang out on the clothes line -hoping that I was keeping them from shrinking?

Unbeknownst to me that shrinking was the least of my worries!

Some days it just seems that the harder you try - the worse things seem to go. Dag Nab It! I should have just left well enough alone and just taken  the broom to them.:(

I am so tired and my back is grumbling at me and my bad ankle is complaining and my whole body just wants to tremble because I am so tired. I have made a little progress today and that makes me happy.

OOOO ! I almost forgot to tell you ANOTHER funny story! (depending on which side of the mess you happen to be located on)

When DH had built me a little porch I was overjoyed-but we have sun there all day it would bake you to sit out there , soooooo, I came up with the bright idea I was going to make a little cover for shade. I do not have any building skills - so I took a piece of heavy canfas and hand sewed a casing on both ends ,built a square for support -ran metal rods through the casings and screwed the entire thing together. Instant shade and I was thrilled to death. But//// when it rains the little roof sags and holds rain water. Then it really got pulled out of shape this past Winter. So, today I was determined to dump the water and restretch everything so the rain would stop pouring through. I got the bright idea to get one of those long handle brooms and push up to the heavens and the water would be dumped on the porch were I could clean it off and I was doing a wonderful job because it had turned out that some of the apples had ended up there and talk about a stink- rotten  apple stew? Yuck- I was almost finished and had made a terrible mess on the porch with all that green slime and I thought one more poke would complete my task????

Yea, that one task was all it needed and it dumped a whole load of rotten apple stew and green algie slime right on top of my head!!!!!!!!!!!! O yes  - red hair turned green and glasses needed windshield wipers and I smelled like - beyond rotten!!!!!!!!!!!!  OF course DH had a good laugh. I went ahead and cleaned the disaster off of the porch  and then headed to the shower. 

So , my day has been one filled with "Good Intentions" - how has your day been???????????????? :)

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