Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pup Inspiration

It was a truly beautiful day- perfect temperatures , beautiful sunshine and yet not to hot at all. I went ahead and did all of the chores first thing this morning because they were still calling for chance of dangerous storms. Sometimes I think it is better to just not even listen to the weather -to take it as you see it and just enjoy it and not have to worry?????? So, I am in a quandary over that one? But it was nice to go get all of my chores accomplished and that way I would not have to worry about that either.

Just a couple of hours past noon we were sitting for a rest and all of a sudden there was such a LOUD noise that it sounded like a bomb going off. I know I jumped a mile straight up -trembling - and went to search for where it came from - to make for sure more were not coming. All was left was a black cloud-so it was One bolt of thunder and lightening.I have never heard it that loud in my whole life! And Once in a lifetime is too much for me.:) My nerves are just unsettled after the tornado visit nearby.That has Never been something we have had to worry about because we are in the mountains and they sorta protect us. Or , at least they used to. :)

As DH was taking me to counseling the skies got sooooo very black and the wind was whipping so hard I had trouble standing up.

After we got home and I fixed a pot of soup - the skies looked like they had cleared. I sure hope so- don't want any more excitement . The weather said there had been more recorded tornadoes than had ever been recorded in the history of weather keeping.

 After getting food out of the way - I wanted to create something-but after counseling I seem to yearn for time to inspect myself and ponder for a while. It seems we come to earth and slide down the chute to a busy - active - life time. Some of us never have the need to ponder about this fast life we are living - and others of would wish that it could slow down a bit so we could appreciate the good that our Father has given to us. The fast pace always seems to wear me out and I do not know if that is just the way it is - OR- if it has to do with getting older??????

As I was pondering I had a little inspiration come along in the name of Bandit. He knew something was amiss and he was just checking in on me.

I was hoping to capture a good picture of him "smiling" - but for some reason he is "camera shy" . As soon as I had snapped this one - he was gone like a streak of lightening. He makes me thing of my youngest son who ALWAYS had to be in any picture that involved a camera when he was a wee tyke-But - now that he is in his twenties he runs from the camera "almost" as fast as Bandit can!  Wonder why? My Mama was that way too.
Since Bandit reminded me of Pups - I had this great piece of fabric with the little pups on it and I pulled out the green to frame it with because there are spots of green in the design. Maybe you can see it better when I finish.

I really CANNOT figure out how in the world you "Quilters" can sew designs STRAIGHT. I tug and pull and try to line everything up perfect and then pin everything in sight - but - even with the !/4 inch foot - I still end up crooked at times. I Hate it ! What is wrong with me - was I just born with a "sew crooked" gene????? So you all really have my utmost admiration!

Thank you for letting me share my day with you. You all are so very special to me.
hugs to all!


  1. I can relate to Bandit and your son. I also hate my photo taken.
    Don't worry about crooked seams ,my often are too. When something is hand make it should not be perfect.

  2. Stop trying to get 'perfect' lines or whatever!
    Nothing in this world in PERFECT.
    If someone thinks theirs is.. they are no doubt wrong... imperfections make a thing better.