Monday, April 4, 2011

Cat Mug Rug

A new day has dawned and it was a beautiful one at that . All things are trying to come back to life once again. I was hoping to sew after my morning work was accomplished , but DH wanted me to ride to town with him. He needed fuel for everything that he works with and I needed stamps to mail our bills that I cannot pay online.

Of course when DH goes to town I think he knows everybody in town and when he finishes talking (and they say it is Women !) with one then  he sees another . So, an hour trip turns into a 3 or 4 hours. By the time we got back home it was time to fix supper. I had fixed lima beans in the crockpot  -so I made dumplings and added them to the beans and that was supper.

I was out of my whole wheat bread so I pulled out the bread machine and throwed all the ingredients in and turned it loose making my whole wheat loaf. After a while - it sure did smell good as the scent filled the house.

Finally I escaped and fled to the sewing room. I was already tired and I think it showed . I cut out a piece of fabric that has kitties on it and then trimed it with some green and yellow strips and cut the batting to fit between them.I ironed as I went and pinned the project with an abundant  supply of  pins to hopefully prevent it from slipping. But as you can see there were "puckers" that I did not intend.

It seemed that the harder I tried to make it behave itself - the worse it wanted to misbehave. There is something different about this fabric as it is very lightweight and it seems that because it is very flimsie and that makes it hard for me to control it.

But still I continue on attempting to make this project - get with the program! It really makes me appreciate all the quilters because this quilting part is so hard for me. I kept trying to make it stay straight and not pucker.

Well, I managed to complete that part of it and happened to notice out the window that it is starting to get dark so I hurried outdoors to go lock up the chickens so the raccoons cannot carry them off . I grabbed my camera hoping to snap a picture of the flowers.

I had forgotten that tulips close up , as if in prayer when the day ends.

One of the birdhouses are "available for renters" .

Of course the red tulips had closed their flowers also and were ready for a sleep.

At least the blue periwinkle were still holding their little heads up.

At least the little daffodils were still open to a visit and their beautiful colors were such a blessing.So the day was almost done and as night settled in a gentle rain came to visit the earth and nourish all the plants and they will encourage me tomorrow with their beauty.
Love to all!


  1. Hello Granny, I'm 45, you'd have to be awfully old to be my granny!

    Your mug rug is so cute. I'd love to make one someday.

    Thanks for visiting me. Don't you just love it when folks say hi!?

    I'm going to explore your blog now!


  2. The Mug Rug is looking good Linda.
    Your flowers are beautiful especially the tulips. Being Dutch I have a soft spot for them.