Sunday, April 3, 2011

I made friends with my rotary cutter today.

I have had a wonderful day all to myself. DH took his truck over to see our older son because Cory was going to work on it for his Dad. Mean while I did morning chores and ate a bit and took a shower and headed to the sewing room.

I really like these chicken designs. They just make me happy inside because I really like my chickens . Sometimes they are just a group of clowns -or-somedays they are Hunters as they run here and there looking for their next snack.

 Of course , Supervisor Rosie is on duty today so things should go much better . I put some Celtic music on to lighten the mood and things are looking positive.

I decided to do a little different stitching on the middle panel than I did on that mug rug # 1. I cannot help myself with these little dudes -they are just a fun project where anything goes and it is just fun to see what happens.

So, I got this far and decided to change my process a bit. This one is ready for the binding - But - I decide I will make a different one and see how that would work with making bias? SO ?

I changed things out a bit. I picked a different chicken fabric that I had leftover from making those ornaments last year.Then I worked on the strip around that main piece. Since I am always wondering why if???? I find I can use strips that might go to waste and that way I can test if there is a better or worse way to sew the strips on? So far - it has all been fun and no monster challenges - which suits me to death! About time I had a "fun -project where you can just let yourself go.

It was when I cut these strips that I wished I could use my rotary cutter. But my past success with it has not been so great . For some reason it just wants to get dull - REALLY - quick.But I decide to pull it out and put a new blade on it and see how things go.

Well, it just must be my lucky day because things so good and I barely have to put any pressure on it and it just works like a charm. I know my guardian angel must be watching over me for sure.

After I even up all around then I surge all around experimenting. Looks good so I work on using my 1/4 inch pressure foot and I am enjoying playing with this too.Of course it adds time to my project , but these projects are kinda like decorating the Christmas tree- you can do it anyway you want to try! :) I really am enjoying this "Mini Quilting". A couple of years ago when I was working on quilting a yard of fabric to make some purses - I made some of the most awful messes I had ever seen. But working with these small projects there is not as much stress and I am enjoying the process.This one is almost ready for its binding.

So, I jump over on another one. I had this piece of fabric that says plant a little love and friendship will grow.But it is so small I was beginning to wonder IF I would ever find the perfect project to use it on. Well, PERFECT PROJECT just presented itself.

Since I had that Skinny piece of bias and since I did not want to cover over the writing as much as I could help, I decided that these two were just meant to partner up ! I used that little nightmare and can still see the writing.I worked really hard on making these corners . Since they were so skinny there was not much fabric to really make those corners so I took a needle and thread and stitched it down long enough to use the machine around it. Not perfect -but a lot better for me! : )

This was a good day's work for me -especially since I am taking my time and just testing the waters.  I went out to do evening chores and took a short walk. Trying to build myself up -same theory on my mug rugs. !I

I had seen a product on tv where it was a "fiber bar" that you were suppose to eat before you ate a meal. The idea being that it would fill your stomach over half full and when you went to eat your meal , you would not want to eat as much?

A light bulb went off in my head. I had a container of psyllium in the cabinet leftover from something and I had orange juice our youngest son had bought us. When it was time for lunch I mixed up a teaspoon of the psyllium in half a glass of orange juice.Then when I fixed my soup and sandwich  I did not want to go back and get that second bowl that I always want to have.Plus, I did not have that "want more of something" after I finished. HuM???? There might be something to this and there is nothing in there that will hurt me. My doctor really wants me to bring my cholesterol down -this really might help that too? O well, it won't hurt to try and see what happens. I have definitely picked up too much weight this past winter. "Sniff-sniff- that 15 pounds that I had lost a couple of years ago must have missed me because it came right back home to me this winter! Wonder who I can give it away too???????????? LOL

Well, I have had a wonderful day and I hope you have too!
Love to all.


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