Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump Day flew by

I have never met many Great-grand babies in my lifetime -but this little guy is one of mine. His name is Zane and I don't get to see him much in this fast paced world that goes so fast that I do not even know how to keep up with the days. But the family shared this picture of him with me and for that I am So Grateful.I just thought this was the sweetest picture-maybe he will take after his great grandmother and love flowers.I wish he could keep that quest for Wonder all of his life.

I slide the window in my "magic room" open for some fresh air and Miss Rosie decided that she wanted some fresh air also-so she pranced out the window onto the porch . I was trying to talk some sense into her -but she was having nothing to do with what -ever that was that wanted her to come back inside.

She even discovered the swing behind her and that made up her mind for her. So she spent about an hour getting some much needed R &R  with cool sunshine because the clouds were out. Matter of fact it inproved her mood also! LOL

I had my counseling sesson which lifted my spirits and we came home and I treated DH to some biscuits . Then he went outdoors to mow the yard and I have sneaked into the "Magic Room" to wrap those John Deere mug rugs for him and I had stashed little bits of money all over the house and I pulled them out to give to him. I did not want him to guess what it was right off the bat - so I pulled out a pack of candy the kids had given me -cut a slit in the small pack and slid the money in-taped it up and wrapped it . LOL -Now let's see him guess it right off the bat. When you have a "smart" DH - you have to learn to be slick! (I hope)

Now I need to go see if I have the ingredients for that chocolate cake he wants. Yea- I know it is not good for you -but it only happens once a year. :)


  1. Zane is gorgeous. Clever trick with DH's gift too.

  2. Oh Linda Zane is just so cute.

    You are really spoiling your DH for his BD.