Friday, April 1, 2011

Another week comes to an end?

And my little "Mocha" is ready for some attention. But this day is going to be a run-day. I got up early and was sooo stiff and sore I could barely move. I was sure wishing for that " oil can" to use on my joints.

It was a quick breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries and homemade bread toast. My energy was really dragging but I still have a lot more to do . I worked on 'critter -chores" and then we loaded up and took off to town.

It was bill day and we went to the post office and got that all squared away..  We did "treat" ourselves today by eating out at the local cafeteria. DH sure ate his fill and I did too. I am still stuffed and it is bedtime. We had to stop for gas and that was bad. It had went up 30 cents on a gallon from the last time we got gas about a week ago. That took 44.00 and when I only had 100.00 for gas and our medicines  and the necessaries like toilet tissue and detergent and  shampoo??????  Dag Nab It!

So we came on home and I went back to work on those bills! I almost am finished with them - had to stop and go clean the living room while DH was outside getting wood. He is suppose to have company in the morning to go turkey hunting with him and I did not want it to be a total disaster.

Back on those bills and I realized I needed to check a bill online and I typed in the wrong password and they blocked my access to the account . GRRRR! You would not think that should be a "criminal" offense with a tv company. They wanted you to call and I did, but they said you had to have your remote and be in front of your tv. I could not do that because DH is engrossed in a program so that will have to wait and I will take a guess at what I think it is. They take it out automatically and I just wanted to not bounce any checks.

My next adventure showed itself while I was doing the mail. All of a sudden it felt like the top of my head started to bubble! Like when we heat water and it bubbles????? I was trying to ignore it but then I could feel this burning hot feeling on my hands and arms and face-not like a flush- more like when we spill something boiling hot on us. Next my skin in those places started to swell and my face turned blood red - and was on fire. I took off outdoors to see if that would sooth it down. As I gazed at the stars and gently massaged all this burning and swelling . After a while the parts of me that were not on fire started getting cold because it was 36 degrees ! But those misbehaving parts of me were enjoying it.

I came in the house and used a cold wash-cloth to press gently on my miserable skin and when it was cold it felt so soothing . Didn't take long before it had turned warm and almost dry to the touch , I was so hot. After about a half hour it left as quickly as it had came and I was glad to see it go and hope it does not come back again!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so HOPING that tomorrow will be my "sew day" as DH goes hunting with is brother and his brother's grandson. So, hopefully TOMORROW I will have a "sewing story" to share! : )

Love to all ! And just trying to get back on track!

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