Friday, April 22, 2011

Kill Sister-in-law Day

Yep, that is what this day should have been. Yes we were glad to see them , yes they are so sweet to not mind our furbabies coming to visit in their house with their beautiful hardwood floors and yes, they took DH and me out to eat for DH's birthday. (Sometimes it pays to be attached to the "birthday Boy"!  -and yes -we had a lovely time - But!

I am still thinking about murdering my sister-in-law. I was so smart this morning before we left to go see them. I actually remembered everything for a change and this time I did take my broken camera -just in case??? I even remembered to put the memory card in it. So, I was ready for action.

After we arrived at their house and sat down and did all of the hellos and how are yous- They had a surprise that they wanted to take us to see before they took DH out for his birthday. Well, we did manage to get turned around several times on back roads in the mountains of West Virginia -but - we did see a lot of pretty country. My brother-in-law kept calling his brother-in-law for directions because the second brother-in-law had pushed snow on these roads and he knew where it was. Whatever It WAS??????

We was turning around on about the 3 wrong road when all of a sudden DH and His Sister both at the same time shouted -There it is ! There was is- all I can see is fog so thick you can barely see to the end of the cars nose. So, more quickly than Santa Clause we were turned around and headed into a curve that goes UP. All of a sudden - they holler STOP!

Right Smack in front if us it a monster Base that looks a lot like the base to a lighthouse ! Big it is and in the fog it is an awesome experience . But -then you heard this sound . I can't even think of a sound to perfectly describe it. Kinda a Whoosh-WHOOSH! My eyeballs attempt to follow the sound which appears to be ABOVE my head ! I Wish you could have seen what my eyeballs was peering at! It was the top of a Wind Turbine! The blades were Monstrous - somewhere between 50 and 100 feet long -there were 3 of them and as they turned sometimes you could get a magical glimpse of them and then it was like the movement of the blades would suck the fog back on them and they would disappear-but the movement was  sooooo smooth and graceful -like magic. I was AWE STRUCK! That was the  First thing that  MAN KIND had ever built that I was just plumb magically in Love with.

If you could just have seen it with me????? But that was not enough so they turned around again into another curve and this time we end up right smack in front of and beneath the second one. It was majestic as it stood there so tall that I thought my old neck would break off trying to see to the top of it where those magical blades were once again singing that wonderous song as they danced in and out of the fog-like magic.Sometimes sucking the fog in to envelope it and then sometimes peeking out -definitely calling my name. It was raining and when I would get out to peer at this magical beast  and my glasses needed windshield wipers. I think I could have stayed there all day . I wished it was dry weather so I could lay on the grass and watch this magical creature . I was lost in its charm and did not want to leave it.

That was when I knew I should KILL my sister-in-law who did not warn me to bring my camera -nor did she bring her camera! IF only -then I might have some kind of something to show you all of this magical creature that has so entranced me. I will never forget this magical experience and if I ever get to go back - I will get you some kind of picture or information.

I have definitely never had anything impact me with this  kind  of raw emotion.:) Thank you for letting me share this experience with you - I think this might be the only reason that my dear Sister-in-law still lives to see another day. :)

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  1. When we lived in Palmerston NOrth we visited the wind farms in the surrounding hills.. and we would lie underneath the wind turbines and just gaze too.
    I got some amazing photos of the blades too.
    What a shame you forgot your camera... and it was a foggy day.
    Oh and I'm glad your SIL lives another day... lol!